Hello guys. I am currently using a DVI to vga converter and then using a vga cable to connect my 27 inch 1080p monitor to my graphic card. Its not that my monitor does not support DVI. But I ran out of DVI cables.

So my question is, does DVI actually improve graphics a lot? If it does, can someone tell me in what way does it help and if i should spend time to get a DVI cable
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  1. You should be fine with a VGA, but DVI has a broader range of output and is more ideal in my eyes. I assume you ran out of ports instead of cables, though.
  2. VGA is ok @ 1080p
  3. no..... I ran out of cables. I have a HDTV/MONITOR samsung P2770HD search it up. I use it only for my monitor as it is good. I am using a gtx 560 asus dcu2. I Have a HDMI cable but I am not using it because it has no lock and i am using my own speakers. I Just dont have a DVI cable or i would use it.

    And what do u mean by "broader range of output"? I only run on a 1080p 60hz monitor. Does DVI make a very huge difference?
  4. DVI doesn't improve graphics quality, more doesnt let it degrade.
    VGA being an analogue signal is subject to degradation, so the quality of the cable can have an impact on the final image quality. DVI (and HDMI) being a digital signal doesn't degrade, it will work 100% or not work at all.
    As well as DVI/HDMI just being able to host higher resolutions and frame rates (120hz) than VGA. HDMI can also carry an audio signal as well.
  5. VGA transfers a analogue signal and DVI transfers a digital signal (which doesn't degrade as fast over longer distances) and allows higher transfer rates (allowing 120hz as opposed to 120 hz)

    Pretty much in your case, it doesn't matter.
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