Play online with dialup?

Well, I recently started playing Tribes 2 online with my screaming 56k connection. Surprisingly, it has almost no lag. Pings of 130 and up.

What other games are playable with a dialup connection, while I wait until I can get DSL/cable?

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  1. it depends, I only got cable a few weeks ago, used to play Q2, UT, Counterstrike online, it depends a lot on your modem (really!!!!), your isp, and of course the server you connect to, My little counterstrike server for eg, if I connect to it via modem on other system, I pping about 130 ish, but other modem users range from 130 to 300+++, best to try and find a local server. Also depends on how busy the network traffic is at the time. On a modem when gaming, disable all background stuff that uses/monitors the net, such as any chat windows, icq etc- they dont hog much bandwith, but every bit counts when on a dialup.

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  2. Until recently I played Total Annihilation quite a bit. It ran pretty good on a 56k, which is what I have as well. You just have to keep the unit counts down and I guess you have to be willing to play a game that old. I'm a little behind the times I guess. Haven't even tried TA Kingdoms yet.
  3. Broadband is much better though. Also for d-loading I can't stand dial up anymore. Shows me that I was a much more patient person w/ my 56K.

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  4. 130 ping???? do you see that ping when you join server?
    or do you press ESC and look at your ping? cuz I get 140 when I see the server list, but then it goes up to's not bad though, I don't get lag. I have a kick ass modem(USRobotics hardware Perofrmance Pro) that gives a connection of 38,666 with a line that Earthlink says can only 28.8 and the actualy bandwith is 36Kbps!! I'm also waiting for a reply from about the GAMING feature that increases upload with my modem....
    What connection do you get? and what is your ISP? is Earthlink and good for gaming? Do you use any connection boosters like iSpeed (
  5. i said thats what modem users get when they connect to my counterstrike server, I personally ping around 8-15. but since I'm like 2 metres away on another pc connected via a 100meg lan card thats to be expected. Friends that live locally on cable ping around 20-30 and as I said before, modem users anywhere from around 130.

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  6. My ping is usually a little higher than that in the game, but not much.

    I connect with a Lucent 56k v.90 WinModem in my parents P3 Dell. My computer is networked, so it's acting like it's over a LAN. I don't know what my connection speed is set to in Tribes, I need to check.

    My ISP is MSN (free for a year with the Dell), and I usually connect at 49 or 50k.

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  7. Most games play good online if you have a fast computer. Meaning a 900mhz or faster system.
    I force a 115200 connection by adding AT&F&C1&D2 to the ,advanced command line options for my modem.This works on all the modems I have tried it on except my mother in laws US Robotics in south Florida. Something about a dual analog connection limiting it to 33,600. A fair amount of my downloads will start at 7.??kbs or so and go up to 11.??kbs. But my connection can not sustain this , so it slowly drops to 4.2??kbs or so. I play AOE2 Conquerers on zone and usually enter the game in the 2nd or 3rd player slot. Rarely get booted for slow pings.

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  8. Age of Empires? Ugh :)

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  9. My ping is 0 on my server:)

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  10. I played Diablo for quite some time on a modem connected to a shitty phone line that could only get about 24000bps.
  11. Wow, almost forgot about this thread :)

    I don't like Diablo, otherwise I'd take you up on the offer. I might have to try it again, though.

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  12. Tried out the orignal Tribes the other day. Still haven't tried Tribes 2 yet. I assume the graphics are a million times better on 2 but the whole team work concept is pretty cool. Friend I was playing with spent the entire time making repairs and dropping packs. I think that part would get a little old (I've gotta kill something if I'm playing) but I like the whole team work concept. You can't win if you don't have people willing to do the crappy nonviolent stuff.

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  13. I'll probably try 2 after I get dsl (which I hope to have soon). Only tried tribes on a cable connection. I don't think my poor 56k could handle online play. Do you stick to games with other 56k users or do you compete with people with better connections? Seems like someone usually has a server going just for people with high lag on most multiplay games. I just wondered if your ping is compared to people with good dsl or cable?

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