Counter-Strike,@home,Router+switches,two players?

I want to use my three computers on the internet, plus when my son is over to visit, I want to play CS in an internet game with him in the same game. Can a modem+router+switch do this over ATT@home or will I need to get the second IP adress for $7 a month extra?
Thanks, Take-Out

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  1. DAAA BBUUUUMMMMPPPPPP Perhaps I should say that we currently can play side by side by using my two ISP dial-up accounts and my two Half-Life CD ID numbers. I need to know if I will continue to achieve this with a cable modem and router/switch. Thanks, Take-Out

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  2. yeah. i have cox@home here in RI and i do exactly what you describe all the time (shhhhh). if you hook the cable modem up to a router (i use the linksys 4 port model and think its excellent), then connect the pcs to the router, you will not need additional ip's from the cable server. the router will act as a network address translator so all the interent will see is one address hitting the same game twice. which, by the way, CS and all half-life mods seem to support very well. i have had five pcs all running the same cd installation all using the same external ip address (router) in the same game getting excellent ping!!

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  3. Thanks a whole lot, that puts me that much further ahead of the deal when the cable guy comes Aug 15. I can't wait, I've been using dial up for 4 years and do ok sometimes in CS (top 2/3s) and TFC (top 1/4) in most games if I'm not drunk, and think I'll do better with a ping under 200. I do think I will get a Linksys BFRxx41 with the 4 port switch. That way I can have a little better ping maybe than my 4 port hub.
    Take Care. Take-Out

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  4. remember not to mention the router or other pcs that you intend to hookup to the modem to the tech from @home........he might want you to sign up for additional ip's. sshhhhhh

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  5. Thanks, point taken, mum is the word. Do you get a pretty good ping, even with 2 or more players on the same IP addr?
    Good Luck, Take-Out

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  6. i regularly play with two or three pcs all in the same game and our ping never gets more than 180 or so, depending on the game. the thing about having a router that is also a switch is that it really doesnt decrease your access speed when you add another user (unlike a hub), within reason of course. but the ping for one user shouldnt decrease by much if you add another few. ive had five guys playing on the same cable line in the same game smooth as silk! often, with pings around 60 or so....

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  7. More great news, and things just get better. Thanks much for the info.
    I'm sure others also are reading and learning. Sharing knowledge is great in these forums.
    I'm only hoping for pings under 100 average, with occasions and certain times going down to maybe 50 or so. I will let readers know what I get here in this thread when I get hooked up although I will only have the one modem and PC hooked up at first (might try with the hub, tho, just to see, heh).
    Anybody here have a wireless net/router/4-port switch going and if so, how's the ping over the wireless part?
    Thanks much, Take-Out

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  8. YAHOO!! I got it installed, no probs so far. It is definitely quicker than dial-up. Just had a chance so far to get into one game of Counter-Strike and the ping was from 90 to 180. Will try some familiar games tonite later when I settle down a little with physically moving stuff around to accomodate the new modem.
    Saw the wireless router 4-switch at Best Buy for $200, am comtemplating getting it so when laptops eventually have real gaming capabilities, I'll be able to take it in to take a crap and play (heh). Yeah Daddy, the way of the future. Anyways, I'll make another report maybe tomorrow on tonite's games and let yall know.
    Good Luck, Take-Out
    UPDATE: I JUST WENT TO MY SERVER THAT I USUALLY GET 210 PING AND I GOT 25 ping for a good ten minutes of playing until I came here to report- more later.

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  9. I use Counter-Strike over @Home as well and it works great. I also have the Linksys 4-port router, but I use a hub on one of the ports to connect up several computers since I have six in my house. I have run counter-strike on 5 at a time over the internet with good ping on all of them.
  10. Thanks for sharing, didn't know you could subnet on a port to get more players on. Did some more testing last night and got about 55 average ping on another server so I YAM HAPPY.
    The cable passed the test for ping with flying colors, now I am kicking myself for not getting it sooner, when I realized I wasn't going to get DSL for some time, oh well, live and learn, at least I have it now.
    For those of you like myself, who thought cable wouldn't have good ping, try it, you'll like it.
    I think I am going to get the wireless/router/4-switch Linksys model, as I have heard that they work good. I am shopping for one now.
    Good Luck, Take-Out

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  11. The linksys befsr41 is the only way to go It sells foe about 123 bucks here (nashville TN)Last week best buy had it for 70 bucks after all the rebate crap. The best way to play cs

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  12. Hi Butch, thanks for the reply, the router I am looking at is about the same as the BFRS4 type, but with the addition of the wireless feature for additional linking. A wireless access point is about $200 anyway, so for me to get this in addition, is a pretty good deal, I think.
    I have to read up on the reveiws to check the performance out and see if it is up to snuff with the plain router/4-port switch from Linksys. This is the fun part of buying components, is doing the research, at least for me, as it is anticipation.
    Anyways I go on and on, Good Luck, Take-Out

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  13. I also use the Linksys 4-port router, it works fine.

    Also, at least in my area, @home doesn't give a damn if you use a router.

    Them: "Do you need any additional IPs?"
    Me: "No, I already have a router."
    Them: "Yeah, that's cheaper and does the same thing. Sounds good!"

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  14. Thanks Bunny, for the reply and info. My latest episode:
    On Sunday and Monday (19th and 20th), I got dumped and couldn't get back on due to bandwidth limitations. I called them today and they said they would monitor the area and see if someone has a server going or sumtin'. Said it may be several days before I see an improvement.
    I measured my down and up load speeds using the tool and got 2 megs download speed and very good upload speed as well. This is ok, however, it was at 4pm and not at 6pm. I will check back and report if something else happens. Good Luck all, Take-Out

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  15. Okay, got the DRTC tweaking tool and did some stuff they recommended at, but haven't seen the 2 Ms download speed again yet.
    Am no longer considering the wireless router/switcher for gaming as I read the article here at THG. But am considering getting the switcher/wireless router to experiment with on the wireless side. Am now investigating the speed of the switched side ports to see if they are the same speed as the 4-port switcher/router only.
    SEE YA Take-Out

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  16. Okay, The company evidently found a problem or server running so they fixed the speed and I am now achieving 3meg download and 1 meg upload!! Has been awhile, so started new thread asking about if or when they will cap me to 128k up.
    Counter-Strike is great, am getting used to the 25-45 ping and my scores are improving somewhat, but not as much as I had originally thought. Seems Counter-Strike has excellent game induced compensation for lag issues. Am still looking at the Linksys wireless router with 4-port switch, but am getting distressing info like will cut download speed in half, am still checking on this issue.
    Thanks to all who contributed to this thread.

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  17. jesus, those are fast speeds. but, why would you think the Linksys router would cut download speeds in half? Are you talking about the wireless model?

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  18. I was reading a first-person journal of an unknown of his exploits trying to get a voice over internet connection going and the first thing he commented on following his installation of a Linksys 4 switch router was that he lost half his bandwidth for each added port.
    Please tell me this isn't so if indeed he was mistaken, cause is has put on hold my intrest in the router.
    Thanks, Take-Out
    Live long and longer.

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  19. no way is that the case. Im not saying that this individual didnt experience that slowdown. i am saying that it had nothing to do with some limiting factor on the router. I have that router and it can handle upload/downloads speeds of 10 Mb/sec ove the internet and 100 Mbit/sec over LAN. In addition, because it uses a switch and not a hub, the router will experience almost no slowdown even when you have four or more pc's hooked up to the interenet, all downloading large files at the same time. This individual was more than likely using network configurations that interfered with the routers download speed, not the other way around. trust me, thats not going to happen.

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  20. Thanks for clearing that up. I yam now on de trail agin.
    Good Luck, Take-Out

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  21. This is an open question to anyone that replied to this original post.
    After reading all the posts above, I too have learned a lot, but still have 1 question. What if you weren't using shaw@home, but instead were using DSL that uses NAT? Would the Linksys router stuff mentioned above still apply?



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  22. DSL is an obviously different method of transmitting data over the interent. but that doesnt matter to a router. It will handle the data in exactly the same way as it would from a cable modem (assuming that you get a DSL modem that uses an rj45 jack and not USB). If you had other questions about DSL modems and routers, let us know.....

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  23. Have read all your excellent advices. However, I'm not sure if I have understood everything correctly since I'm from Denmark and don't know the exact meaning of all the phrases. So: I have a cabble-modem with one dynamic IP, and I want to be able to go online with 2 computers and be able to play Counterstrike. What is neccesary? A hub or a switch, or can I simply use the first computer to go online, and the simply share the internet-connection? Thx in advance :-)
  24. Hi Zimmerman. As I understand it, you need a modem and a router to play online in the same game together with two PCs on the same Internet Provider Cable. I just recieved my Toshiba cable modem and Linksys router w/4 switched ports that I ordered from Sept 3. I will be having my own adventure getting the network going and will report in here on anthing of value I run into. Someone else may have another version of playing on-line with 2 pcs and one IP without a router, but I don't know of one. By the way, your English is excellent.

    Good Luck, Take-Out

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  25. you can also use Internet Connection Sharing which comes built into windows 98se, me and 2000 with a crossover cable connecting the two pcs. to do this, attach the cable modem to one NIC and connect to the second pc from the first with another NIC and a crossover cable.

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  26. DAAA BBBBUUUUMMMPPPP!!! Been too lazy to open the cable modem and router box, but will Sat night or so. Until then, be cool.

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  27. Here is a little update, AT&T @home wouldn't switch my service from the Motorola Surfboard they supplied to my new Toshiba cable modem over the phone, they require a tech to visit my home to evergize it. Funny, huh?
    Must be something to do with documenting the use or sumtin'
    Go Figure.....
    So's I gotsta wait til Sept 18 for them before I can get my Linksys 4 port switched router going as I don't know if they condone it being used.
    See Ya, Take-Out

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  28. Well, as a side note, got the digital TV cable installed, had analog but wanted to try digital feed for TV. More channels, but what a lame programming and search interface.
    Wife is disappointed as she was hoping to get Toon Disney channel for my grandkids, and we only get the channel in Spanish for some reason, even if we pay the premium, go figure.
    So, anyway, the TV cable guy won't hookup my new Toshiba and he doesn't know why AT&T won't do it over the phone. I am beginning to think they want to investigate the 1 meg upload I have been enjoying. I am also thinking that maybe I made a mistake in getting my own modem, since they may now cap me and the guy that installed it maybe gave me a favor and called me in for the higher uploads, oh well, Que Sera, Sera. See Ya. Take-Out

    God Bless New York
  29. Hi, me again, talking to myself. Heh. Anywho, AT&T sent TWO cable dudes out to connect up my privately-owned-modem (POM)
    and they evidently called my MAC address in as well as capping my uploads. YES THEY DID DO IT AS I FEARED.
    Well, I'm pretty sure anyway. I just did the thing for speed and upload was only 126k, as compared to 1meg I had before. Download was low also, like 450k,so maybe the backbone was just slow, maybe maybe.
    Going to go check my ping, which WAS the fastest on practically any game I was in, like 25 or 45. BRB.

    God Bless New York
  30. Well, now I am sure they capped me, as I just got off of and I registered 3meg down (as my previous best was) and only 126k upload. The 3 meg down is more important, I know, however, as this thread indicates, I am an avid on-line player and my ping was incredible there for a while, fastest in almost every game I played, regardless of geographics, although I noticed that if I stay in my quadrant of the USA, I can usually stay below 50ms, which is very, very good. This weekend or before, I will attempt the networking of my computers on the Linksys router w/4 port switches. Should be interesting, although it doesn't sound too bad, JUST set the cards to get the DHCP address from the router and that is about it, I guess.
    I will, as usual, be here talking to myself, unless someone has something to add or just wants to let me know it is interesting to someone else.
    Sincerely, Take-Out

    God Bless New York
  31. Okay, I got energetic, and did the Router thing today. It wasn't half as bad as I had thought. You do need to have a couple of data available, but you can get that by running Winipcfg in your RUN section of the START column. You can print the info out by copying and then pasting to a new folder on desktop and then printing that out. Anyways, you basicaly just change the IP address to look for one from the server on TCIP-ethernet card. It works very well, even with my cheapo 10mbps half-duplex $10 NIC cards.
    HOWEVER, I cannot get my two computers that were networked before, to see each other now. I haven't spent much time on it yet, probably something simple I neglected to do.
    Am very pleased so far.
    Good Luck, Take-Out

    God Bless New York
  32. Guess who! I had some problems with my mail coming in and out. Learned you have to change the server name to the full name like where xxxx is the location of your server. I spent about 3 hours trying everything under the sun, pinging and all that, when this morning I had an idea and just called AT&T up and asked them. Well, he just asked what I was doing and I said that I was configuring a NAT firewall and he said great and gave me the server name. You can also use the IP address (the Number) but it can change every once in a while since it is DHCP protocol (Dynamic Host ? Protocol). So I went to Outlook and tools, accounts, properties, servers and changed them to the right long name and then they worked great. There are other ways to do this, but this is the way that worked for me. Still working on getting my old dial-up to work without showing errors, but at least the mail comes thru. Will continue the book later.
    Good Luck, Take-Out

    God Bless New York
  33. Hey Take out, been looking for a router-switch to network my 4 pc together and sounds like thats the one.. will that make my connection slower?? i have a cable modem the cable co installed and i am very close to the fiberoptic trunk line so that has to help.. right they told my wife we would have to pay extra for an additional ip address. any suggestions.

    dazed and confused with all this puter stuff
  34. Hey, someone said sumptin'

    Yeah, this Linksys is a real easy deal. Just follow the instructions and should be OK. I had previously networked my home systems so I maybe had a little advantage, but I don't recall anything that should trip up a newbie, as the router also has a reset that trips everything back to default if you screw something up. The Toshiba modem is great also, altho I had to wait till 2 of the servicemen came to change it over, gawhd. The router has a install CD that practically holds your hand for install. I recommend both or one of them totally, haven't found anything bad on either.
    Good Luck, Take-Out
    PS: And no, it doesn't make the connection slower that I have noticed. It will be faster by far than if you used a hub for sharing as each packet is only sent to the puter that it is addressed to rather than all every time.
    PS: Updated Oct 7 01= Linksys on sale at Comp USA for $69 without any mail-in rebates, strictly price cut and instant rebate.
    PS PS:Everything is working great now and I can recommend using the cable modem with a Linksys router and NIC cards (mine are 10mbps cheap D-link type), and the cap at 128kbps doesn't seem to effect my gaming at all, as I still am about the fastest pinger in any C-S game I play in.
    Don't forget to say a prayer for the troops in Afghanstan.

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