How do i uninstall windows 8 on an alienware m11x R3? HELP ME

I am trying to un install the windows 8 consumer preview, yet my laptop does not have a disk tray so I cannot but the windows seven disk in and reset my laptop, I have the product key code as well if that would help. can you please advise on what I should do ?
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  1. You'll have to get an external drive to install from disc. Fortunately they are inexpensive.
  2. A rule of thumb: If you buy a laptop with no internal drive, get a cheap external just in case you need it.
  3. You should be able to 'Re-install to Factory' from the hidden partition on your hard disk.
    That should install Win7 in place of Win8.
  4. When you turn the power on tap on the f12 key till you see the Boot Menu.
    Select factory restore from the Boot Menu and format the drive before you reinstall the factory image.
  5. Dells don't have that option... at least not the ones I've worked on. You actually have to go to "Repair My Computer" from the Windows boot menu. It might not work with Windows 8 having been installed though.
  6. i think you can burn the contents of the win7 install disc onto a usb key. after doing that, you go to your BIOS menu during boot and choose to boot off the usb. this circumvents the need for a cd. after choosing to boot off the usb, it will install win7 instead. make sure you install it into the partition of your existing OS. after that all that's left will be a windows.old file (this is your old win8 install and all of its data) and you can either leave it there or delete it.

    btw i would do a bit of research before doing this, as i'm writing this based on hazy memories...
  7. If you need to use an external, you can get an external optical drive for as little as 15 bucks. I've seen some in microcenter for that. But you buy an alienware and they don't give you a 15-20 dollar optical drive? Fail on Dell's part there.
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