Computer starts, hardware won't.


Approximately 1 year ago, I built a PC with the following components:

+ Antec Lanboy Case
+ 8GB Kingston RAM
+ GTX 570 Graphics Card (This was updated a few months ago)
+ Crosshair V Formula Motherboard
+ AMD FX 8 Core Processor
+ 650W (Unknown Manufacturer) Power Supply
+ 1 TB Hard Drive

And up until a few days after Christmas, everything worked perfectly with each other. For xmas, I received 8GB of additional Kingston RAM (same brand), and a new SSD. After attaching the new components, my computer booted as normal, and I continued about my business.

The Problem :
After 3 days of all my new components working in harmony with everything else, I was watching an HD 1080P Stream of a gaming tournament, when all of a sudden, my monitor turned black, my keyboard shut off, and my mouse stopped working.

I know that it's difficult to diagnose the problem while not in person, so let me tell you what I've already tried:

+ Reseating RAM, CPU, GPU, USB Drives, All my hardware
+ Replacing hardware & monitor
+ Bought a new Crosshair V Motherboard, and replaced my old one

After re-implementing the components however, I still get the same problem. My Computer's integrated LED's and Fans turn on (Along with all the fans for my GPU & CPU), but my keyboard, mouse, and monitor still don't do as much as light up.

Does anyone have a working solution? It's been 4 days and I can not seem to fix it.
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  1. Anytime I see an off-brand or unknown-brand PSU on here it is usually the problem about 75% of the time, could have been drawing too much power for the PSU to handle.
  2. Thanks @Chugot9218 for your reply. A quick update, I swapped out the RAM and the monitor regained visual, keyboard and mouse started up.

    When it reached the bios however, my computer shut down completely, pointing again to a PSU issue. Before I take a 3 hour round trip to Fry's however, I want to make sure that it is infact the PSU that's causing the problem.

    It looks like an intermittent power supply issue, but I want to be 100% sure. Any final thoughts?
  3. Well you could test it if you have a voltmeter but I have not done this myself so that is as far as I can suggest, :/. I have seen other threads on here elaborate on the process, or perhaps someone else can pipe in.
  4. Unfortunately it appears you're the only one knowledgeable regarding this matter. And I was really hoping to fix it by tonight, so I'd be equipped for a LAN Party, but as of this point, the odds are not really in my favor.

    I'm going to go buy a new power supply, and if it doesn't work - I'm out of ideas. Thanks for your support.
  5. Haha, I am certainly not the only one knowledgeable nor the most, but I likely gave you the responses most would, hence the silence from the rest of the peanut gallery ;).
  6. Update, 4:33:

    Swapped out the PSU, and my monitor receives a picture. Now however, my computer will turn off after a few seconds of being turned on. I think it's because I did not apply thermal paste to the new motherboard to keep the processor cool.

    I'm also considering that it might be a burnt out CPU, but I'm really hoping it's not.

    Would the lack of thermal paste cause it's ability of being turned on, altered to the point of only a few seconds of activity? It can't even reach Windows before it shuts down. But it's everything, including the PSU. Any help?

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Update: So you don't think I'm that much of an idiot, I didn't apply the thermal paste because I wasn't sure it was the motherboard causing the problem, and if I were to return the motherboard, I didn't want to have the thermal grease applied; incase they were to deny it for being altered.
  7. Well, you basically don't wanna start your CPU without a heatsink attached, some say it's not a big deal for a few seconds but others say it can heat up and fry right away. Technically it should throttle itself down/off, which may be what you are seeing when it turns off, which could be a sign it is still okay, but I would not start it anymore without TIM and at least the heatsink and ideally the fan as well attached.
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