Which is the best nvidia graphic card is best for duel core intel proccessor

my system is dual cpu E 2140 1.60 GHZ DDR 2 1GB RAM and i want to know which is nvidia graphics card is best supported to my cpu

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  1. Nvidia GT 430.
  2. Nvidia GT 430 Can be best for my PC my work is videos editing Converting in HD mp4 Format this card can do this propperly
  3. Editing videos requires more CPU power than GPU power.
    The GT 430 is a good solution for watching 1080p videos and some light gaming.
    You need a fast CPU for video editing and converting videos in HD.
    I would recommend Intel Core i5 or Core i7 CPU as they are more suitable for the task you mention above.
  4. ple send me the confrigation of cpu that is best to me for video editing and converting videos in real HD format
  5. I'd say you post your budget, so we can suggest more accurately.
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