Can Trinity A10-5800, A8-5600 drive a 2560x1440 monitor? (No gaming)

I am looking to build an inexpensive, quiet home office/productivity system using an iGPU. The system will not be used for gaming, but I do want to use it with a hi res display.

I was about to pull the trigger on an i3-3225, but just read HD4000 will only support 2560x1440 through displayport. The 1155 MOBOs with display port are out of my budget, so now I am looking at Trinity again.


1. Does anyone know the max resolution capability for the Trinity CPUs/MOBOs and through what port(s)? I am almost positive it is 2560x1600, but I can't find through what port(s).

2. I shouldn't notice a difference between 1600 and 1866 RAM for non-gaming, right?

3. I am leaning towards the A8-5600 over the A-10 5800. That GPU should be more than enough for HD video playback and light photo/video editing on a 1440p monitor, right?

Thank you!
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