Nvidia quadro or grx 590

hello all,
processor: 2 x Intel® Xeon® E5-2620
mobo : asus Z8NA-D6
memory : 32gb
graphics : quadro 4000 or gtx 590

am a freelance graphics designer frm India. i use 3ds max n vray 2.0 for interior visualization. which graphics card may i choose nvidia quadro 4000 or gtx 590...pls help me.
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  1. if its really for work i recommend to get quadro solution
  2. +1 for Quadro, providing it is for work and you have no real intention of gaming.
  3. Definitely go for Quadro because you are designing, specially 3D.
    Don't even go for GTX 590 because that's more for gaming.
    nVidia Quadro series are just for designers like you. I've seen many designers preferring Quadro.
    And ya I'm too from India. ;)
  4. I use a Quadro all day every day at work however I STRONGLY suggest you comply with the requirements of the software you are using. If you don't, their tech support people will constantly tell you your problems are GPU related and you can't prove them wrong.
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