Want to fix/save my gateway

Hi! I want to ask for some advice on taking some of the components in my gateway PC and making a new/old system from some of the guts I have. The PC works now, but there are a couple of problems:

1) Under win 7 or win 8, pc slows then BSDs (or reboots). Happens all the time. Wasted many many hours troubleshooting - would prefer to just put new labor hours into rebuilding the system.

2) CPU is fast, but motherboard/case limit video/drive expansion.

So, here's what I have:

Gateway SX2800-07 Core 2 Quad Q8300 (2.5GHz).
Tiny case
DVD super multi drive (burns cds, maybe dvds? reads DVDs for sure)
Memory card reader (multi format/size)
640GB slowish HDD

And here's what I would like to do

New case w/ power supply
MB that can take the CPU I have and 8GB of memory (don't have to re-use the memory I have in case it's problematic for whatever reason). MB should have audio, but no video.
Bigger, Faster HDD
Multi-card reader (in case I can't figure out how to move the one from my old system)
XFX Radeon R7750 core edition video card

Whelp that's about it. Any suggestions, comments, etc? In the 1980s I built PC XT clones with 8088 processors, used 1200 baud modems, and 360K floppy disks. I'm a little behind the times on hardware but would like to fix/enhance this PC I have now. THANKS!!!
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  1. It will be very tough to find a socket 775 motherboard that takes ddr3 ram, (damn near impossible to find a new one and probably expensive for a used one on ebay or something). I would sell the cpu on ebay and get a decent socket 1155 board so you can still use the ram, would be more economic and much less hassle.
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