Two 550 ti 2gb SLI on 700w?

I have a i7-3802 130w and a EVGA X79, and current 550 ti 2gb on a OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W.
Can I handle another 550? or should i upgrade my psu first?
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  1. WTF?

    You have 552W according to the chart I saw on newegg. You basically would be powering 3 130W devices if you did this plus a bit more for your board, ram, drives, etc. So 390 + 50 or around 450W. Your "700W" PSU would be fine.

    I say WTF because the 550TI isn't a very good card. A single 470/570 would probably be as fast if not faster. I'd sell the one you have a get a better card.
  2. Yea he reason for that is the 550 ti was 100$ and good for the money, I will upgrade to two 660's when I get my new 1300w lightning :)
  3. ^+1 never heard anything good about the 550Ti. I've seen GTX560Tis going for $149.
    p.s. - I suggest instead of 2 660s - get a GTX670.
  4. The reviews I have read of all of the GTX6xx cards (Kepler), have convinced me that every single one, with the exception of the GTX650 (which is weak sauce), is in some way crippled; it might be reduced memory bandwidth, and is almost always compute performance. The latter doesn't matter in today's games (but might in tomorrow's), but it does matter for other tasks. Even the memory bandwidth isn't a big deal if you are fine with 2XAA. The simple fact that they are "crippled", however, has, for the time being (I am not a fanboy), caused me to limit my recommendations to AMD cards (or some of the older Fermi cards). In this case, I think you'd be very pleased with the performance of a HD7870, or even a HD7850.
  5. Yea I love it, playing black ops 2 multiplayer no lag, LoL with 60+ frames And Sc2 with max around 30 fps, good card, not great, but defiantly good
  6. I say better sell that Gtx 550 ti.

    I wanted to buy it but there were better cards for a better price.

    I got my card for 140$ .Gtx 560 Ti Ds Sc . And it OC like a beast.

    With my current system i can max out everything i throw at it.

    I have to mention that i play @ 1280x 1024 till i get a new monitor or buy a new gtx 560 Ti to SLI so i can use nvidia surround with my third monitor.
  7. I never recommend SLI (or crossfire) because it still has issues. Get the single fastest card you can afford.
  8. I'm currently on 2x550Ti's ... I'd go with a 660 or 7850 or something faster. I'm actually in the process of finding my next video card and this set of cards aren't even two years old. Games like Rage and NFS Most Wanted can really choke them out at max settings. I can honestly say however; they don't show much of the microstutter and as a SLi setup the only issues I've ever had is games that don't scale well and EVERY SINGLE UPDATE it disables the SLi and you need to reboot for it to allow you to toss them back on SLi.

    I vote for the fastest single GPU you can snag. That's what I'm about to do! LOL
  9. StNolly said:
    Yea he reason for that is the 550 ti was 100$ and good for the money, I will upgrade to two 660's when I get my new 1300w lightning :)

    Why wait? I'm running SLi'd 660Ti's on a 620w PSU.
  10. I'd wait because his "700W" PSU is a 550W. He still wouldn't need a PSU that powerful for two 660s. I get the feeling he doesn't understand anything I'm saying so I guess why bother.
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