Will SAPPHIRE HD 3650 512MB DDR2 AGP support AND function well on AsRock P4I45GV 3.00 (1 GB RAM) ?
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  1. If no, then which one would be the best HD 512 mb 4.0 shader GPU for my system ? And how to find out the maximum RAM of a GPU that my system can support.
    I have heard in some other discussions that AsRock P4I45GV 3.00 does not support more than 256 mb GPU. Is it true ? Please help me out quickly.
  2. You need to verify which motherboard you have. If this is your motherboard, then I do not see an AGP slot for any graphics card.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Well since the reply came so late I had a time to investigate my own hardware. Yes, you are right. The board has 3 PCI and 1 AGI (not a AGP- specific 4x/8x cards which are obviously outdated are supported). Now the PCI slots are non-express ......... I guess its a PCI 2.2. So now my queestion is that IS there still some PCI cards still available in market with 3.0/4.0 shader,256/512 Mb, Full DirectX10/10.1 compatible ? I heard for example PNY VCGFX522PEB GeForce FX 5200 256MB 128-bit DDR PCI Video Card ?
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