Need Help With A VG278's 3D

Hello. I brought this up in a different Thread as well(Quite similar), but I think it could be considered "HiJacking" that. Since I don't want to seem rude and they could be completely separate issues I will start a new Thread.

My problem's with my new VG278. I've sent my previous Monitor back to the Seller(Same Model/Brand) because of this problem and because I could NOT make it work no matter what. I am sure I can't possibly be THAT UNLUCKY! So this is why I'm assuming the fault's mine for now and trying to start over, yet again.

So instead of typing what I've tried I'll explain what my issues are exactly and I will assume that I am either doing some thing wrong or just not doing some thing required.

1. All and any 3D Functions in the Menu are GRAYED OUT and stay like that no matter what.
2. There is NO flicker on 3DVision2's lenses.
3. There IS flicker from the Monitor when running the Wizard from NCP, for just an instant.
4. There is NO indication that the Emitter is working, like a Green Light.
5. There is NO indication that the glasses are working, other than a steady Green Light which is turned off automatically after about 30".

System Info :
Win7Ulti 64Bit - Fresh Format
Latest NVidia Drvs - Clean Install
No other IR Devices LucidWizard and Virtu MVP supposedly DISABLED(Will Remove later as well)
2x EVGA 680GTX
DVI-D Cable(Was included)
Euro Plug(Was included)
Glasses Charged(Steady Orange Light as per the Manual)

If you need any other info just ask, I will provide it- Including ScreenShots if necessary. I just want this to work out.
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  1. I can't really help you, as you seem to have done what you are supposed to. The only thing not mentioned was the drivers used. I currently use driver version 306.97 and everything works. Did you make sure to turn the monitor to 120hz at the desktop (not sure if this would make a difference, but you should do it anyway). It is possible the cable is bad, which you'd find out when trying to enable 120hz.

    Customer support may be all that can help at this point.
  2. Thanks for answering.

    The Drivers are the ones NVidia pushed out 1-2 Days ago. 306.97, as you said.
    The Monitor is at 120Hz.
    The Cable can't be faulty, as I've tried it on my other PC's 480GTX on its 3DVision(External Emitter).

    So far, Customer Support in Greece for ASUS has only had 1 thing to say; Specifically, that they can't help at all since this Monitor was bought in Germany.

    What would I normally do? Install Drivers and see the Green LED? I'd really like to go Step By Step with this. Perhaps there's some minor thing. Like.. Does the Built In Emitter have a Power On switch which I haven't noticed? Or... I don't know. All I know is I am not inclined to think that I actually stumbled on 2 faulty Monitors in a row! :S
  3. Oh, so the monitor is working on your brothers system. That must mean it's a software issue, or a problem with your video card.

    Or did you mean you just tried the cable, and not the whole monitor. It might be worth trying the monitor on your brothers computer if you hadn't.
  4. I just have 2 PCs on LAN. Right, I will try that. It's the only thing I haven't tried at all. Let me see what happens.
  5. Nope. 3D would not work on the other PC with this VG278. Same issues exactly - Plugged it in, ran the Wiz.. It seemed to acknowledge that there IS a 3D Emitter buil in the Monitor... Next > Monitor Flickers > Activate Glasses > Next > Flickers > Nothing.. Glasses do not work at all, as opposed when I tried with the external Emitter. But even trying that, brought only more questions - With the external Emitter it seems 3D doesn't work too well- Glasses activate BUT I see both shapes(One a lot clearer than the other) with each eye. So I get an Error even then.
  6. Correction : "...Same issues exactly as with the other PC"
  7. The ghosting issue you are noticing is likely a problem with syncing the emitter and glasses. While no active system is perfect, they shouldn't be noticeable except in very high contrast areas.

    Anyways, there is one other thought I had. Could the emitter be experiencing interference. There is an option when setting up 3D to set it up in case there are multiple emitters in the area. Have you tried messing with that setting?
  8. On my other PC, the Emitter was set up that way (Multiple 3DVs, + Other IR Devices). I tried it with this one too, nothing worked. On top of that, if I do not plug in the external Emitter I can't reach that Step in the Wizard. So it must be the built in Emitter's problem.

    What you said got me curious; Could it be I've not set up properly the Monitor through its OnScreen Menu(Though I've fiddled with it a lot and haven't seen any difference)...? I could tell you how I've got it set up if it would help!

    One other thing. When switching from HDMI to VGA, ETC, it does NOT actually read "DVI-D" rather "DVI" whereas the other PC's Monitor clearly reads DVI-D once I plug it. Both cables are absolutely DVI-D, none is faulty.. So this may be just how the VG278 refers to the DVI-D. And in any case it's mentioned as being DVI-D(And able to handle 3D) in the Manual.
  9. DVI-D is still DVI, it just is not as specific. DVI-D makes it clear that it is a digital signal, and DVI-A makes it clear it's analog. DVI could mean either one, but you cannot get 1080p at 120hz or 144hz without a dual link DVI-D, so we know that it is Dual-link DVI-D at least, or you couldn't be using it at 120hz.

    I think the monitor is still faulty. :(
  10. I'd contact ASUS about it. Perhaps they can help you.
  11. I think I will just look for a ReFund from my Seller since they are more than happy to do so. I'm very tired of all of this since the LG next to this PC is working absolutely great. I'll invest in an LG or some other 3DV2 Monitor. Any suggestions?..
  12. I would look into the BenQ XL2420TX, assuming you are ok with 24". I've not seen any problems from them on the forums, yet I have seen a few from the ASUS.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. :) I would like to stay with 27". The irony is that the VG278 is a great Monitor. I envy those for whom it worked out fine and its 2D performance is impressive. Well, someone suggested the VG278HE. I'm just afraid to try ASUS again but I don't see many 27" 3D Monitors out there.
  14. If you encounter the following problem on your 120Hz monitor VG278 with 3D Vision: built in 3D IR emitter not starting (green led light does not lit)

    Do try this odd but possible solution (that worked for me): while your PC is turned on, keep the DVI-cable connected with your monitor, but disconnect the powercable of your monitor for about 20 seconds. Then connect the powercable to your monitor. Start the Nvidia testapp to test.

    I stumbled upon this solution on another forum and since I was desperatly seeking for a solution, I gave it a try. And it worked. Thats why I wanted to post the solution here, to help out other desperate people. Hope it works for you too guys. Good luck.
  15. Hello,

    Just joined because I wanted to say that I recently bought this monitor as well. I was having the exact same problem as described in this thread but the "unplug for 20 seconds; re-connect Power" trick worked for me too. Weird! Maybe the monitor needs to detect the DVI cable when the power is turned on? Makes little sense to me but I'm glad to get it working.

    I already had to return TWO Samsung SyncMaster T27A950's because of defects and was hoping to have better luck with Asus. Here's hoping the backlight bleed problem doesn't occur (I read that was fixed in later models thankfully) because I'm tired of returning defective hardware for replacement at this point.
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