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Will a GTX 660 ti improve my performance or will it be bottle-necked?

i5-760 OC'd to 3.5k
12 GB ram
GTX 460 256 bit

I want to get a new graphics card but i'm afraid if I buy the 660ti it'll just be bottle-necked by my cpu.

Any thoughts would be awesome.
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  1. It should be fine, unless you are playing very CPU intense games and even then it won't be by much. What games do you play?
  2. Think it'l be fine, the Nehalem processors are still fairly good.
  3. I would go for a 660 if i was you.
  4. well if it was me I would get the gtx 670, but to your question you shouldn't really have any issue with CPU bottleneck.
  5. Get it . I dont think it would be bottlenecked.

    I have G620 and still i can max out any game with stable fps. Even on bf3 50+
  6. Right now i'm playing Planetside 2, so 660 ti should be plenty, but I plan on using this card as SLI when I upgrade my MB/CPU next.

    So I guess a second part to my question is if the ti is worth the $60-70 more than the 660?
  7. Whats ur budget for the GPU ?

    And if u are going to upgr MB/CPU try to avoid SLI and buy the most powerful card u can find at that price point.

    Sli is Hot and not very good.(Some report problems)

    I bought my gtx 560 ti cuz i have 1280x1024. I will SLI just to use 3D nvidia :)
  8. Probably no more than $250, i'm banking on some sweet black friday deals. I don't plan on upgrading anything else at this time. I just want to try and plan for the future.

    This is the best option.

    Also we cant know the BF deals so i can't suggest you smth else.

    Maybe u can get a 7870 , 7950
  10. That's why I was considering the GTX 660 instead of the 660 ti, I might not find a good deal for the ti.

    I wasn’t sure how difficult it is to switch from Nvidia to AMD without reformatting. That’s why I was planning on sticking with Nvidia.
  11. Not that hard lol.

    Uninstall drivers , shut down pc. Insert new GPU , turn on . Install driver's , restart and DONE
  12. Touche, I never thought to uninstall the drivers first.
  13. So just wait black friday. Maybe PM if u see smthing on BF
  14. prototype18 said:
    I bought my gtx 560 ti cuz i have 1280x1024. I will SLI just to use 3D nvidia :)

    What? Holy crap, forget the new card get a better monitor. You're kidding right?
  15. My last monitor died :( So i have to use this 3 monitors till i get a good deal.
  16. Which of those cards can be overclocked the most?
  17. They both will OC very good. BTW what games do u play ?
  18. I bounce around between a lot of genres but right now i'm playing Planetside 2.
  19. Best answer
    Than get the 660TI

    Game's are optimized for nVidia or Ati .PS2 or BF3 are nvidia games.

    IMO i would get the gtx 660 Ti .

    But as i said b4 u should wait Black Friday so maybe u will have some luck and get a gtx 670
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