AMD or Nvidea for multi monitor gaming???

Hey guys having trouble deciding:
I have two 7970s in crossfire. I run 4 monitors 3x27 inch Samsungs for gaming and a 55 inch tv as an accessory. Eyefinity works great never had any problems super user friendly easy to set up etc. But the crossfire drivers are horrible!! I can only run a hand fun of games with it on (although admittedly last week's ccc patch helped A LOT).

Would any one suggest replacing them with two 680s and trying surround vision? I tested the waters and it seems like I can get 600$ for them pretty ez. I'm just nervous surround vision is gonna blow. But it would be nice to be able to use both cards for everything. As opposed to having to turn it off and on all the time.

Thanks guys
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  1. nVidia has a higher standard to SLi as this leads to higher motherboard prices for SLi enabled motherboards.
    minimum for SLi is x8/x8 while HD Radeon and it's CF-X (Crossfire) allows for x4/ slots to be enough to create CF-X.

    So i say go ahead with the 680 :)
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