LED lights up when there's a loud noise or a close soud (MOD)


I dunno if someone already do this, i think of this when looking in a PC case in dark with LED's turned ON in the case looking it through side panel and thought of this.

I like to play war games also like BF3, call of duty black ops 2, etc. Does anyone know how to modified and LED, like when it hears a lound sound or it will detect a lound soud, your LED in your PC case will light and it will turned off when there's no sound like a slow footsteps. I thinks it's good when you are in dark, and then playing BF3, everytime you fire your loud weapon, your LED will turned and blink, it depends on how to sounds goes, like when it heared a grenade and explode, your LED will suddelny lights up then slowly blinking until the sound goes off.

Is this possible to do? I;ve searching in google, but no luck finding how to do this, maybe you needd a pro level in circuitys/electronics?

Anyone has able to do it? If anyone has it and don't share on how you do it, hope you share it :) . just say you have it and hope provide a video to make me jelous more. :)
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  1. this should get you started.
  2. One of These
    gogole sound controlers for led's.
  4. vertical777 said:
    this should get you started.

    Very cool :)
  5. vertical777 said:
    this should get you started.

    damn, that's nice, but my head hurts on the diagram ,lol, when I was making a power supply of my electronics subject when I was in college, the PCB or the board for the power supply I was working on got fried, lol.
  6. wow, all replies are great, how about even if you use a headseat? maybe the LED detect sound is connected to the motherboard where the audio input is? even if you use an headset/headphones, it will still work, guess there's no such thing.
  7. It would take more parts.

    Maybe computer -> split to headphone amp(i would guess you would want this so you could have lets say 10k load on each and a 5 k the computer would see and could drive with ease) and led comparator. Strange things happen when you split signals with headphones and other inputs, while 2 line in's will not even cost you any noticeable sound.

    With some filters(cap+resistor) you can even make the led only light at certain frequencies as well, but this is lots of work for a gaming advantage :)
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    most rear sound cards have a line out. the line out should still work when you have the headphones plugged in.
  9. smorizio said:
    most rear sound cards have a line out. the line out should still work when you have the headphones plugged in.

    excellent point.
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  11. Wow , thanks guys for your help, guess it lot of work . :)
  12. vertical777 said:
    this should get you started.

    quite awesome! This site provide cool led car lights. :wahoo:
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