Radeon 7970 is not recognized


I have recently moved from the US to Brazil, before I moved my computer used to work fine, now the computer won't boot, I have come to the conclusion that is my 7970's since the pc boots up fine with my old 5670, I cannot test the 7970 in any other rig since it won't fit in anything else.

My specs are:

Z77 Asus Sabertooth
i7 2200k stock at 3.3
1000w OCZ PSU
Radeon Diamond (2x)
13GB of RAM
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  1. And you are connecting the power from the PSU to the 7970?
  2. Yes I am, I have researched that the wall outlet itself might not be transferring enough power to the whole computer.
  3. Normal wall outlet should not be an issue.
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