GTX580 for $200 or wait

I'm currently running a Asus 6870, which is good enough for my current gaming such as GW2, LoL, WoW and Black Ops 2 in a few days. My friend is willing to sell me his GTX 580 for $200 to me, so my question is should i jump on this deal now or just keep my current one and by the time GTX780 release i should have enough for it or at least the GTX770?
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  1. Oh I also game at 1920x1200

    Gtx 580 Is 3 tiers above ur current card.

    IMO u should stay with that card. Or if u can sell it would be great so u can grab the Gtx 580.

    We cant know how the new gen will be .Card's keep being produced and there is always something new.

    What Gtx is ? What brand and for how much time did he use it ?
  3. I would go with the 580. That's a decent deal.
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