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Graphics: i7 3770k vs Nvidia gt9800 1GB


I'm building a new PC but not a gamer at all. The reason for new pc is to have faster processing for photoshop. i have an old 9800gt nvidia card with 1gb memory made by BFG tech. The core speed of this card is probably 550 mhz. I know i7 3770k has a graphics core speed of 600mhz or above. Now, i know my old card will not support directx 11. I really don't care as i said i'm not a gamer.

now my question is, if i use my old graphics card will it relieve the processor and RAM load? my new pc has 16gb or ram.
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  1. If you want to speed up photoshop (version cs5 or cs6) with gpu acceleration, you need to use an Nvidia card. 4 or 5 series cards work best. That 9800 does not support CUDA, so no it won't speed it up. When you can afford it, I would go with a 460 gtx as that will speed things up without breaking the bank.

    On another note, I use 32GB of memory with 10-15 for my Radeon Ramdisk. That speeds up things too and nowadays memory is cheap. Just a thought.
  2. thanks so much for the info :)
  3. so, if i don't buy a graphics card at the moment; for better performance; should i use processor gpu but not the gt9800?
  4. You will probably get better performance with the 9800gt than the built in vga, but for non accelerated 2D work, there may be no difference at all. You could always try both and see first hand.
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    Use your 9800GT , the 9800GT does support Cuda (please see nvidia's own specs) so in theory it should work for CS5/6 but probably not well but still better then the i7's built in gpu
  6. Surprising really that the 9800 doesn't offer CUDA considering the gts250 does, which essentially is the same thing. But yes if you have the 9800 lying around, might as well use it.
  7. What? my 9600GT supported CUDA...

    9800GT should...

    Superior Visual Computing
    With the power of NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology and the new CUDA runtime for Windows Vista™, programmers can now offload the most intensive processing tasks from your CPU to your GPU, delivering incredible performance improvements over your traditional CPU. HybridPower™ technology also delivers graphics performance when you need it and low-power operation when you don’t. And with the second generation PureVideo® HD engine, poor Blu-ray movie quality is a thing of the past.

    Yeah so use the 9800GT.
  8. might as well use it. Better than having it laying around. Also shouldn't the 3770k handle photoshop no problem?
  9. 9800GT is much faster than the HD4000.

    Use the 9800GT for CUDA acceleration.
  10. you guys are awesome!
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