XFX 7970 Black Edition vs Sapphire 7970 Vapor-X

Which one is a better buy?
Sapphire HD 7970 Vapor-X GHZ Edition OR XFX HD 7970 Black Edition Double Dissipation?

The XFX got 'OCC editors' choice' and Vapor-X just 'OCC gold'.

Here are conclusions:

XFX Black Edition:

Fastest single GPU card out
Great overclocking
High performance
Eyefinity gaming
New architecture
Zero Core power
Noise improvement

Heat dumped into the case


Cooling Performance
TriXX Utility
EZ OC button
Custom PCB
Black Diamond Chokes

DisplayPort adapter needed for Eyefinity

I'm confused... Sapphire costs $564 and XFX costs $509.
Both cards are in promotion: card + far cry 3, hitman, sleeping dogs and 20% for new MoH.
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  1. I would save the money and go with the XFX since there is not going to be any noticeable performance difference between them.
  2. rolli59 said:
    I would save the money and go with the XFX since there is not going to be any noticeable performance difference between them.

    If you say so, I think I will go for it. Vapor-X just seems like it's better, sapphire etc.

    Also these 2 cards was never comparised anywhere o_O
    Only one article I found is on russian website and after all it says (translated) :

    Sapphire HD 7970 Vapor-X GHz Edition

    Good delivery;
    Card with factory overclocked;
    Switch button with backlight.

    Small exhaust hot air;
    The noise of the cooling load.

    XFX R7970 Black Edition 1000M

    Card with factory overclocked.

    Small exhaust hot air;
    Noisy cooling system load;
    Simplified design of the main circuit;
    Softvoltmoda absence;
    Lean delivery.

    and Vapor-X gets 50Mhz more at core and memory in overclocking.

    source: http://www.overclockers.ru/lab/49511_5/Obzor_i_testirovanie_videokart_Sapphire_HD_7970_Vapor-X_GHz_Edition_i_XFX_R7970_Black_Edition_1000M.html

    What do you think?
  3. Vapor-X, the XFX black edition is just a customized reference design rather than a fully custom solution like the Sapphire.
    Also its a Ghz edition card, which the XFX isnt. Better performance from the newer BIOS.

    The Sapphire Vapor-X will support three screens without using Displayport. Two DVI and a single HDMI.

    Is this the XFX Black edition you are referring to?

    Also your pricings are off by about $100 (assuming your in the US).

    EDIT: Fixed the link for the Vapor-X, must have cut off the last few characters.
  4. Yes, I'm talking about these exact models.
    Thanks for info - I didn't know XFX is not a Ghz edition.
    So I stay with Vapor-x ;)
  5. Provided your running Eyefinity with uber resolution monitors.

    Plus, at that massive resolution. A single 7970 would be choking on its own blood trying to keep up, you would need a 2nd (or 3rd) card to perform decently at that level. Which then gives you four (or six) possible outputs that support that resolution.
  6. My plan was to buy card, which is the best now, so I can buy second one after a 1-2 years, when I will need it.

    I have i5-3570k, AsRock Z77 extreme4, no graphic card, Patriot IEM 8GB 1866Mhz, Corsair 750W and Hyper 212 Evo
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