Issues with new 550Ti

I recently upgraded from an old Radeon card to a GTX 550Ti, but I've encountered a couple of problems with it. I have an AMD FX-4100 processor.

The first problem is that when launching some games, the monitor gives me an "Out Of Range" error. I've made sure they're launching at the correct resolution, and set the frequency to 60Hz in Nvidia's control panel, but I'm still getting it. I'm using a very old 1024x768 monitor, although this problem never occurred on these games with the old card.

The other problem is that the card is not performing as well as I had been led to believe. On Nvidia's site they list the card as being able to run games such as Portal 2 on max settings with a larger monitor than mine at around 100fps, however I encounter around 20fps just on medium settings. But it runs Deus Ex: HR on maximum settings without any trouble, which doesn't really make sense to me.

If anybody has any insight into either of these problems, it would be much appreciated :D
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  1. Raedon drivers properly uninstall before swapping the cards?
  2. I didn't uninstall the old drivers beforehand, however after I had installed the new card I went into Add/Remove Software and uninstalled everything to do with ATI Catalyst Control (I think that was its name). Afterwards I ran Driverfusion to try and remove the remaining items, although that was unable to remove quite a lot of them.

    If it's related to that, could you recommend any other software to remove the remaining bits?
  3. Go to device manager and uninstall current card. Shut down and put the old card in then do the same and now put the new card in and install drivers. That is how it normally works but you can try driver sweeper as well
  4. I had a go with DriverSweeper and removed the remaining things in SafeMode, although it doesn't seem to have really fixed anything.

    I still don't feel very comfortable switching around graphics cards to be honest, but if that's the most likely solution, I'll give it a shot later on today or tomorrow. Thanks for helping out.
  5. I would remove both AMD and Nvidia drivers and then reinstall the nvidia ones.
  6. Like rolli59 said, remove all drivers and start over. I'm sure there is a conflict and that is causing your problems.
  7. Okay, well I uninstalled the Nvidia drivers, put the old Radeon 5450 card back in, and uninstalled the drivers for that through the Device Manager then Drive Sweeper. Then I put the 550Ti back in and installed the most up-to-date drivers from the website, but it's still the same. The only difference it's made is that I can launch STALKER without getting the out-of-range error, but other games still give me it, and Portal 2 still has the same framerate.

    In regard to the Out-Of-Range thing, I was wondering whether the GTX simply isn't compatible with my monitor? My uncle said he might have a spare monitor I could borrow, I suppose I could give that one a try.

    On a final note, would reinstalling windows have a chance at fixing performance? I know it sounds like a bit of an overreaction, but I've been planning to format and start afresh for the past few months anyway.
  8. Probably not a monitor issue, clean windows install might fix it.
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