Newly built computer wont boot properly

I have recently built myself a new computer, however it doesn't boot completely. After the BIOS screen it asks me to either start normally or run a startup repair. Running it normally doesn't work, and repairing it doesn't find any solutions.

My setup is:
intel i5 3570k
nVidia geforce GTX 660
Asrock z77 Extreme 4
8GB Corsair Vengance RAM
Crucial m4 64GB SSD

Everything here is new except for the SSD, of which has Windows 7 installed and worked perfectly fine on my old setup.

Any ideas?
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  1. Also apologies if I have posted this in the wrong area >_<
  2. Im thinking that there may be a problem with the MoBo, whenever I try to boot Windows 7 from the CD I get an error, 0xc00000e9. Whenever I try to boot Ubuntu from a USB, the Ubuntu loading setup screen starts, and then I get a permanent black screen.
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