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Hello, I recently bought a GTX 460 I plugged it in to the power supply and everything in. I tried plugging in my monitor and I got nothing, I then tried plugging the monitor in the MB VGA socket and it worked. Loaded up windows and the computer knows it is plugged in and installed the drivers on it but if i try plugging in the monitor straight into the graphics card port then I still get nothing. Any Help?
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  1. new new ? maybe DOA ?
  2. First things first. Did you try both DVI ports on the video card?
  3. maestro0428 said:
    First things first. Did you try both DVI ports on the video card?

    Ive tried all the ports on the card and also noticed that it doesnt actuslly get a response to the computer the graphics adapter the computer is running on is the one from the motherboard and doesnt register when the gpu is plugged in. would you think its a faulty card?
  4. HAFSIX said:
    new new ? maybe DOA ?

    Its second hand from a shop.
  5. well id take it back and tell them to get it working or get you another one, if it was sold to you as fully working condition. when you power up does the fan spin ? Also make sure that you have both six pin PIC powers hooked up. If you dont have a 500W or better power supply that could be it too.
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