Can my rig run 3 monitors smoothly?

i5 3470 (upgrading to a ZALMAN CPU cooler soon)
Seasonic 650watt modular
Patriot Gamer 2 4GB x2
Samsung 250GB SSD

I want to be able to play a game like WoW or Counterstrike on 1 screen,and then have the other 2 screens for multi tasking. Would I need a second GTX670 or is 1 enough? Thanks.

- Brittany
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  1. 1 is enough. If you wanted to play in surround you might need SLI depending on what games you play. But to game on 1 and multitask on the other 2 one GTX.670 is plenty.
  2. One 670 is plenty. I use a 660ti to run BF3 on one, and monitor other things on the other. No problems.
  3. Ok but if I wanted to mess around and try to game using all three screens for one game I would probably need a second?
  4. Yeah, you would need to double up on your cards to play on three screens.
  5. Damn I can't be dropping another $370 for another GPU lol. I spent $2000 on this new computer so far in only 1 month lol. It's all cause I wanted 3 monitors ><
  6. I tried to play BF3 on 3 screens with 1 670 and I had to play low res and on med settings. But once I added a second 670 I'm playing on ultra with a avg 60 FPS.
  7. Alright thanks that definitely makes up my mind ^^ Guess I'll buy myself a Christmas gift this year lol
  8. If you want to play games on one screen and do other stuff, not gaming, then one 670 is enough.
  9. Once you go with 3 screens you won't want to go back to 1.
    I run 3 x 23" ASUS LED screen, 2 x 6950 2GB., I7 2600K Oc'ed to 4.6Ghz, 16GB Tactical tracer ram. I would hate to go back to 1 screen for gaming.
  10. Yea i have 3x 24" Viewsonic LED screens and would like to try out gaming using all 3 but thats a lot of money to spend ><
  11. I run 3 TV's and have a 7950 BE and I have not had any issues with WOW or any of the main stream games I play. But its overclocked to compete with a 7970. I bet a 670 could do just fine with what you want. I can play MOH on max setting and not even break a sweat with my setup, and that is on all 3 screens. I don't know what FPS I get, but I bet its over 40. I can never see flicker or choppy play. FYI Don't buy too big of monitors or your neck will hurt during long sessions. Having your start button 96 inches away form your time and icon box is not ideal. I would not go over 37 inches if I could do it all over again. Oh and make sure the Bezels are small. Once your in the game you don't notice the lines, but if your not playing, it will annoy you.
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