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Hey, I have been looking at graphics cards about $160 and i was wondering if the 7850 would be a good buy. I think i can get a 2GB one on sale for about 165$ if im lucky. I only have PCI 2.0 so i am wondering if it would get any performance decrease because i dont have 3.0. If it isnt the best buy for my money what would you recomend?
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  1. its the best value for money. pcie 2.0 is fully compatible with 7850 and will not result in any bottleneck
  2. +1
  3. Y 7850 will be good.


    And PCIE slot are not a problem :)

    Even now u can get a 7850 on newegg for 150 the XFX 1 GB. Maybe if u wait black friday u can get 1 even cheaper !
  4. I agree that you should wait until Black Friday. The 7850 is definitely a great buy.

    Also, you don't really need a 2gb model unless you're gaming at like 1600p, in which case you'd probably need a more powerful graphics card anyways. 1gb should be just fine unless you want to spend the extra $15-20.
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