New motherboard and windows won't start...

I had an old HP desktop, i7 and windows 7 and I upgraded it. I got a new case, put all the old components in and started up fine. I upgraded my power supply (Corsair AX 760) as well as a asus sabertooth Z77, LGA 1155. I turn on the computer with the same hard drive. Everything in the BIOS is working perfectly, when I go to boot from my hard drive, it says Starting Windows for 2 seconds and then freezes and tells me windows was unable to start. It gives me 2 options, start system repair or boot normally. When I boot normally same thing happened and when I go to system repair it shows my earlier points where I could restore it. I do that and when it loads up same thing. I searched up and people said I have to re-install windows 7 if I have a new motherboard. But shouldn't it be in my hard drive? I bought the computer 2 years ago and it didn't come with a windows 7 disk. Do I need to get a new windows 7 disk and if the install works, will my files still be there?

Help is greatly appreciated, been trying to get it to work for 3 hours.
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  1. if you put in a new mobo then you will most likely have to do a clean install because of driver conflicts. you can try safe mode and try to install new mobo drivers. I think you will have to reactivate windows as well
  2. hello... I would suggest downloading the proper Windows version ISO file... use Windows ISO to USB/DVD utility... and do fresh install... type in the code from the sticker on your OLD computer... Call and active within 30 days.

    you can install Windows to a new/different DIR if you want to keep your OLD install.
  3. I am not familiar with Windows ISO to USB/DVD utility. Could you please explain how to work it as I can't seem to figure it out.
  4. You have 2 problems.
    First problem, your Windows install came from an OEM system, which means the license cannot be transferred to another system, which is what you are trying to with a new motherboard. You will need a new license, and activation code from Microsoft to get Windows to work, once you are able to even get it to boot.

    The second problem, all of your hardware, especially the motherboard, requires certain device drivers to be installed into Windows and setup for the particular hardware that you have. Your Windows installation was installed and set up for the computer and motherboard that it came with, you cannot simply move the hard drive into a new system and expect it to work, it most usually requires a completely new installation.
  5. So I should get a new OEM version of windows in order for it to work or will a regular version do the trick? And for the drivers, those will be installed by me after the system actually boots, am I correct?
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    hello... you can download your Windows version... it is in ISO format... do a search for the microsoft ISO USB/DVD utility... install the microsoft ISO USB/DVD utility... run the utility and direct it to the ISO file location on your computer... decide to make a BOOTABLE USB or DVD in the utility... insert USB or DVD-R media and run.

    set up your BIO's to boot from the USB or DVD you made and re-start computer with the MEDIA installed...

    Install Windows... and type in your Sticker code... call to activate in 30 days.

    What is your current Windows version? you only OWN the one with your sticker code.

    You can try before Buy any Windows version.... for 30days
  7. Hello... yes to be prepared for a new motherboard install... I always plan ahead and get my drivers ( for your Windows version ) needed before the install on a USB stick or another computer...

    Chipset drivers
    Lan drivers
    video drivers
    sound drivers
  8. I just bought the computer with windows 7 pre-installed and I am not removing all the cables to put in the old mobo just to TRY and find the ISO file. So I am currently downloading an ISO file to be able to download Windows 7 (SP1). i will put it on the USB and configure it with the Windows 7 USB tool. Hopefully this will work. If this fails ill get an OEM version of windows.
  9. Hello... what Windows version does your sticker code say?... that is the version you OWN.
  10. Ironsounds said:
    Hello... what Windows version does your sticker code say?... that is the version you OWN.

    The sticker says Windows 7 Home Premium OA
  11. hello... Download that ISO... 32 bit? 64bit?
  12. On my previous motherboard, it showed it as 64bit, so I downloaded the 64bit version.
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