Crossfire 7770's or 7870

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Tomorrow, Early as possible.
BUDGET RANGE: 350 before shipping and whatever.
USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming most important, farmville least important.
CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: AMD Radeon HD 7770 Ghz Edition, OCZ 750W power supply.
OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Intel i5 3570k, 16 Gig Corsair Vengeance 1600 Mhz ram, 64 gig Crucial M4 SSD, 1tb Slave Drive, Not 100% on the motherboard atm but I know it runs a 16x pcie 3.0 slot and a 8x pcie 2.0, so I can crossfire.
PARTS PREFERENCES: Im doing AMD, and I prefer Sapphire, but XFX and whatnot is fine. Im not picky.
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I game a lot, I play some high quality games, and some not so high (league of legends)

I currently have a single 7770 Ghz Edition GPU. Im planning on buying an upgrade due to my girlfriend splitting the cost with me for my birthday. However, I am not sure which route to go.
Lets use BF3 for an example.
I want the best quality and FPS out of that game.

Im also fine saying that Im into numbers. I know 16 gigs of ram isnt necessary, but I dont care. I go somewhat overboard.

So do I go with Crossfired AMD Radeon HD 7770's Ghz edition cards, or should I just pick up this for example

Would it be better to just get the single 7870 (due to terms of heat and noise) or go with another 7770 card and crossfire?

If its better to go with a single card, which one should I get off newegg? I was looking at the sapphire 7870s and the XFX ones, cant decide.
I want the biggest bang for my buck.

I need help!

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  1. Get the 7870..
  2. Is just the single card more efficient?

    If so, what should I look at for a card?
    Like whats a good card to go with from Newegg?
    I like the 7870's but I dont know what the difference is between Sapphires or XFX versions of the card, though theres significant price differences.
  3. Sapphire and XFX are seperate companys that product the card with the 7870 chip. XFX has a excellent warranty. AND i love the design of their cards.
  4. So aside from the Warranty and Design, there should be no power difference?
    Just curious as some have different clock speeds and whatnot.

    Would you be able to suggest a good AMD card for me to pick up for around 300 bucks?
    Thatd be amazing.

    Thanks a tonne,

  5. Yes that card will be just fine
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