What happens if I connect only one power cable to 570GTX?

I recently upgraded my system and I tried to install a new MSI 570GTX. I plugged in only one 6-pin cable form the PSU and the fan on the card sounded extremely loud. I removed the card, tried to boot up using the onboard graphix and nothing happened. I no longer have display capability. DVI is not detected. I've tried onboard graphics and older GPUs. I've reset cmos, reduced ram and breadboxed. Could i have damaged my MOBO? My PSU is a coolmax cu-700b.
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  1. You need both PCI Express power connector slots to be plugged by your PSU. otherwise the card may just fan spin but nothing on the screen except check power connector...
  2. What is the purpose of connecting pci-express power cables?
  3. What purpose is their to connecting any power cables?
  4. I guess I should re-phrase my question. Is the power supplied to the GPU specifically for the fan, or does it also power another stage. I ask because I noticed that when only one connecter is attached, the fan spins fast enough to create a loud blowing noise. When both connecters are attached, the fan spins, but it is significantly quieter.
  5. all the power supplied to the card from both the PCI power connections and the the 75 watts supplied from the PCI slot itself would go through the vrms before it get distributed to the fan and gpu.

    so why the fan spun up at full speed is a guess since that would be set in the card's bios.
  6. Listen just take your power cables that look like this:

    and connect it to:

    So that it will look like this:

    And then the fan maxing out no image on screen hectic panic computer is about to take off or explode situation will be under control...
  7. All that has been suggested has been performed, even the "smart-ass" suggestions. Now my only dilemma is that neither my GPU or on-board are processing video (No DVI Signal). I've replaced PSU, I've breadboxed MOBO, I've swapped ram, I've prayed to Jebus and nothing. I'm on my way to buy a new MOBO. Can anyone answer if the following scenario is possible:

    Is it possible that by trying to operate the GPU without adequate power I could have created a much higher demand on the PCI-express port to the point that it damaged the motherboard?
  8. Listen man, when experts try to explain something and the reader doesn't understand you kinda ave to do thing in a form that's easy to understand. So pardon me if I'm the smart ass but you did come here for help did you not. If you have tried everything we've said and think your such a guru then why are you here?
  9. Did you try pulling your bios battery and disconnecting power for a few mins and then try booting up with default bios settings so it can default back to the onboard video?
  10. Have you tried another power supply? Coolmax is not a good psu brand. Not running the proper power power to the card you could have blown one of the 12v rails.
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    thesoundguy said:
    Is it possible that by trying to operate the GPU without adequate power I could have created a much higher demand on the PCI-express port to the point that it damaged the motherboard?

    Yes... reason some higher-end boards come with a 4 pin molex connector to help supply the PCI express bus with auxiliary power.

    Check around the 24 pin power connector for burning or bulging capacitors.
  12. I've fixed the issue. I guess the motherboard gave out when I installed the GPU. I bought a new MOBO and it works well. Thanks for all of your replies.
  13. Wow, well main thing is you got it fixed... sorry we didn't directly help you this time.
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