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I have an asus CG1330 essentio series, its all stock from the store. (full list of specs here and ive been looking to upgrade it for a while now. I mainly just want to upgrade the graphics card. I'm new with hardware on computers so im just wondering, whats a good upgrade that is not going to require me to add anything else but the graphics card? I mainly just dont know much about graphics cards in general, so what should i look for in a card?
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  1. im rocking an upgraded version of the same pc all i have upgraded is 8 more gigs of ram and went from the radeon 5450 to the 7750 with those to basic upgrades costing about 90 for the ram and 100 for the video card you step your game waaaaaaayyyyyy up. just make sure that you buy the 7750 model and nothing else cause all other graphics cards in the 7000 serious require too much wattage for the stock power supply wich is upgradeable but i perfer not to spend the money if i dont gotta. i eventualy will later on after i buy in order a new case a new motherboard then ill get the power supply then ill buy another 7750 and use it to crossfire then a new processor. hope you find this helpful email me if you need any help...
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