Re-install disk defragmenter

We have Windows 7 x64 bits Ultimate systems.
We were using Trend Micro Titanium AntiVirus for about half year.
Then, we install Windows 7 x64 bits Service Pack 1.
Well, everything went bad quickly. We had problems displaying double-byte Asian character fonts in file names.
Then, Disk Defragmenter will not start.

We remove the troublesome Antivirus programs. However, Disk Defragmenter still does not start. If you click it in System Tools, the hard drive will make lots of noise for around a minute. Then, nothing happens. We check, the file
Done a disk scan using sfc. OK. c:\windows\system32\dfrgui.exe is still there.

So, how can I re-install this disk defragmenter?
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    Ran Safe mode. Start Disk Defragmenter. Nothing happened.
    Then, restart system at normal mode. Start Disk Defragmenter -- wow - it starts.
    Problem solved. But do not know why. Thanks.
  2. Sounds like your SP1 install wasn't completed and the install corrected itself afterward.
  3. The SP1 installation was completed. Disk Defragmenter was working after the SP1 installation. But after the SP1 roll out, we got plenty of service calls from numerous users.

    I think its problem with Windows 7 operating system that blocks the Disk Defragmenter to execute. Running Safe Mode released the block (how, we do not know).
  4. By keeping files and programs in an organized manner, disk defragmenter helps in deriving the best performance from a PC. It increases the accessibility of digital stuffs be it music, video, files, emails, Internet or anything. It creates more space for storing more of what you want. But what if the disk defragmenter fails to work?

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