A8-3870k + ecs a75f-m2 = Artifacts?

Recent build, getting 3C temp on CPU.

No Overclocking, updated bios, tested memory via memtest with no problems.

Tried with drivers that came with the hardware and updated drivers from manufacturers website, but no changes.

Currently using the stock heatsink/fan that came with the 3870k, the bios reports up to 41 C temp. Tried lowering the Ram speed and IGD clock but still get the artifacts.

Tried reattaching the heatsink and cpu but no changes.

Any tips? could it be the motherboard or the 3870k? or both?

I get the same graphic corruption / artifacts on linux, Ubuntu 10.04, also, i only get the artifacts after installing the drivers, on windows and linux.



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  1. The APU has the graphics core on it but the board has the connections, it is either that is broken but hard to tell which although the CPU is more likely. Maybe RMA both to be sure.
  2. I always get rising temperatures in the BIOS, on the desktop it's okay so now worries
  3. I tried with older drivers and beta drivers. all give the same problem, when on the desktop, browsing the internet or playing games, i always get artifacts. Problem persists across windows xp, 7 and Ubuntu 10.04.

    Sent the motherboard and APU for replacement, but the techs where i bought the items seems skeptical about my problems. I got a phone call by the tech saying that i did not need to install drivers in windows???

    I explained that i installed drivers in several operating systems new, old and beta versions. But he said he was going to install windows 8 to see how it goes and call me back.

    Here are some pic of how the motherboard arrived, with some marks on all the sides.


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