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I just Built my first computer everything looks good I started it up everything was good I went through the Bios everything was ok. so I put in the windows XP disc it loaded up inspected my computer and loaded the "Windows XP Professional Setup" page it gives me three options continue to windows setup, repair windows, and quit windows setup. but when I click to continue nothing happens I waited a while and still nothing could someone help me.
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  1. Is your build XP compatible?

    Did you provide an XP driver disk for the storage (it briefly prompts you to hit f6 to do so shortly after the blue setup screens start)
  2. I believe so and it says "Setup could not find a floppy drive on your machine to load OEM drivers from floppy disk"
  3. You have to use a floppy disk drive or slipstream the drivers into the XP install with a utility (like nlite). XP is a 11 year old OS and most machines had a floppy back then.
  4. Would you suggest I use windows 7?
  5. Or you could set your hard drive to ide mode on bios and you wont need a driver. In ACHI mode you will need a driver.
  6. Mo3636 said:
    Would you suggest I use windows 7?

    Definitely and XP is @ its end of life stage.
  7. ok thanks for the help.
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