"Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered"

I recently built a new PC, and it was fine for the first week, then I switched over to a new monitor (this may or may not be a factor) and now the screen freezes, whatever sound is playing (if any) loops over to create a horrible noise. It continues like this for any time between a few seconds to a few minutes, then it recovers right where I left off. A couple of things I have observed about it are as follows:

-I've had task manager open a few times when it freezes, upon recovery CPU spikes up to 100% momentarily.

-Often a pop up will appear saying "Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered." In the Windows logs it says "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

-It happens more often when watching YouTube videos.

-It happens 90% of the time when watching videos via Steam.

-(Previously stated) It has only started happening since being on this new monitor, although I did install a lot of unrelated software before and after the transition.

-When it recovers my computer is disconnected from the internet, so it isn't just a visual problem.

-GPU temperatures are fine, I believe the same is to be said about the CPU.

-During writing the first half of this I was playing a YouTube video in the background, it froze about 5 times in a space of 5 minutes. I closed it and now I haven't froze once.

I have checked threads with similar problems but without any success, I was hoping I could get some personal help. Catalyst Control Center is up to date.


i5 3570K @ 3.4GHz not OC'd
Sapphire 11199-00-20G HD7870 2GB not OC'd
Gigabyte Z77X-D3H
WD 1TB Caviar Blue HDD
Windows 7 64bit
Samsung S24B300HL (Previous was a LG HDTV monitor)
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  1. I've also been having this problem but less recently (Minecraft, Spore, Youtube, Steam, e.t.c).

    Try this link and go to the best answer:

    here's the driver sweeper link:

    use this one because the phyxion one is gone.
    Hope this helps! :)
  2. I formatted and re-installed Windows because I lost patience, seems to be working fine (for now). I'll post if it starts again.
  3. Just fyi amd has had these issues. I just recently experienced the same thing though mine wouldn't alway come back leading to bsod. Mine mainly did it though when I was playing a game, and then alt tab to watch something (even a flash add or w/e could cause it)

    From what I read it's a driver issue. Though since the updated driver came out I havn't experienced any more problems. So if you ever update and then out of the blue it starts acting up try and revert back to the previous driver.
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