GTS250 problem with Foxxcon H61


I am having a problem getting a forsa gts250 to work on a Foxxconn H61mx motherboard.
The card works on other pc's just not this board. I have already loaded the latest Bios.
Any Help or suggestions is appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
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  1. other specs?
  2. Hi.
    sorry like i mentioned its foxconn h61mx motherboard, forsa GTS250 display card, 8gb DDR3 Ram 500 Watt power supply and I5 2400 3.1ghz CPU. If any other specs are required can you please just maybe give me an idea of what they are.
    And Thanks for the response.
  3. GTS250 is quite demanding on PSU. what is your PSU model?
  4. Its a cool master 500 watt psu not sure of the exact specifics at this stage its a friends pc and I'm at work at the moment. Its running on a different PC with a 550 witch we tried to use as well with no success but the other pc is only a duel core with 4 gb DDR2 Ram
  5. so does the pc does not turn on at all when the gpu were present or the pc able to turn on but can't properly detect the card? have you tried play around the BIOS? try to look for graphic option.
  6. OK I this is my last reply don't want to waste your time. There is one last thing I just remembered that bothers me. If the card is connected to the motherboard and the screen is connected to the card the screen does not come on but for some reason if you connect the screen to the on baord it come on witch according to me should not happen if a display card is plugged in.
    And then some advice on the comparison between a normal Nvidia GTX550 and the GTS250. Sorry I know its off topic but actually just thinking about testing it in my PC and if it works to swop the 2 and take the GTS 250 for myself.
    Thank you for all your help so far.
  7. it depends on mobo. disabled on board (the graphic was on cpu actually)or put video priority to PCI. 550 vs 250, 550 will win but not by large.
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