First home built(on budget)help

Alright people i've decided to build a pc and chosen some hardware which i think is decent(i'm on a budget).What do you think about it and for how long will it do?
Cpu:Amd phenom ii x4 965 black edition
graphics card:ati radeon hd 5670
Motherboard:MSI 760GM-P21
Ram:Corsair 4gb ddr3
Case:Cooler Master Elite RC-431 500W
HDD:Seagate 500gb

NOTE:this is my first home build and first desktop in a long time
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  1. Your hardware looks fine to me, but how long it will last all depends on what you want to use it for. If you are gaming, you would have decent performance on older/lighter-weight games, heavier and unoptimized games might run noticeably slow. If you are doing things such as image/audio/video rendering and things of the like, you should be fine, but it would run more slowly than if you had faster hardware (you can decide whether you need that). I you are just using a computer for internet browsing, watching videos, basic document editing, etc. you should be set for a while.

    If you are not gaming, then using a type of Linux for you operating system will extend the life (performance-wise) of your computer far past Windows'. Linux is much lighter than Windows and will run equally as fast [as Windows] on much older, slower, and cheaper hardware.

    As I said before, it all depends on what you will be doing with the computer.
  2. Thanks for replying.I'll be using for gaming but i've had terrible PCs all my life and i really dont care about graphics as long as it runs smoothly.I've checked out some vids on youtube made by people who are using the hardware stated above and they're running pretty decent.The only thing i'm not sure about is the motherboard as it looked a bit cheaper than it's supposed to be.
  3. Yeah I haven't looked too closely but that motherboard is only SATA2 and only has two DIMM slots for RAM. I would consider doing a bit of a research and paying a little extra for a newer / better board.

    But if the budget is tight (trust me I know how this feels, just look at my current machine spec!) then that board is super cheap!
  4. I'll use a corsair single slot 4 gb ram so it's fine.And i'm a high school student so my budget is tight.But until summer i'll have some amount of money(300 bucks or such)and I'll get a job then upgrade this machine.As this is my first desktop,the monitor and desktop case also have huge effect on the price.Thanks for the advice,and i think your machine specs are pretty good.
  5. The motherboard is a tricky thing. The motherboard does not affect performance itself all that much, but it limits what you can put into the computer. With only two memory slots, you will probably be limited to 8 gigabytes of memory, that being said, 8 gigabytes will definitely suffice. The only problem I have faced with cheap motherboards is complete failure, that happened on my cheap ASRock motherboard. But I have heard good things about MSI motherboards, so I think you should be fine on that front.

    If you do not mind playing games with lower quality settings or slightly reduced frame rates, your hardware should be fine.

    And if you are having second thoughts about the motherboard you have selected, ask yourself this: Will I be happy with only the hardware I could put on this motherboard for the next few years? If yes, then you are probably good to go.
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