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Crossfire/SLI Spacing Questions

January 1, 2013 8:06:49 PM

Hello, sorry if this is a repost. I've searched the forums and haven't seen these specific questions asked, nor with as much detail. I have a high end system, and want to go even crazier. So sorry for the long post, but bear with me please.

My Build-
CPU- (AMD FX 8350 4.0-4.2ghz)
PSU- (1000 watt thermaltake)
MOBO- (Asus sabertooth 990FX)
CPU Cooler- (Noctua NH-D14 Air cooler)
Big HDD- (Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200 RPM)
SSD- (Samsung 840 Pro 256gb)
RAM- x2 (16gb total G.Skill DDR3 1600)
Case- (Cooler Master HAF X)
Monitors(3) + maybe a 4th of another type for webpages later- (23" Asus VS series 2ms response time)
Current GFX cards- x2 (XFX HD 6870 Black edition 1gb)
Desired GFX cards I want to purchase- x2 (Sapphire 7970 ghz Edition 6gb)

I will be running at 5760x1080 when gaming, and I have games such as Metro 2033, Assassins Creed series, CoD series, Crysis series, the list goes on and on really... Lol.

What I want to know is if the spacing between my desired gfx cards will be sufficient if I DON'T overclock, but maybe click on the "super boost" or whatever the faster "factory overclock" is. Through my measurements of what details I get on dimensions from newegg about the 7970's, and from measuring myself, I will have SLIGHTLY under 1/2 inch clearance between the two cards. The case I have has a side intake fan thats ~200 mm? I also have 2 fans on top exhausting upwards to draw heat up naturally.(Not that that affects the gfx cards that much) CPU cooler and back exhaust fan blow straight out the back, and my PSU blows downward and sits in the rear bottom of my case. The other question I had, after doing quite a bit of my own research, is will it be a noticeable difference from the 3gb GDDR5 cards to the 6 gb versions? Keep in mind I will be running at a minimum of 3 monitors, and most likely a 4th with teamspeak/webpages etc. Lastly, my PSU only has 3x 8 pin PCI-e power cords, and 3x 6 pin's. (2x of the 7970's will require 4 8-pin power cords) I know a lot of gfx cards come with a 6 to 8 pin adapter, but I also know that those might not be a smart idea from what I could find on the interwebs. Maybe use a 2x 6pin to 1x 8 pin adapter? Or does it really matter that much? (Keeping in mind I probably will be clicking on the super turbo button this thing has, but won't be doing any overclocking myself manually)

Thank you for taking the time to read this novel of a post, but I wanted to be specific as to get the most accurate answer possible. Also, if you have any further questions, I'll be logging on here every so often to check the status of this post. Thanks! -Ryan