Updated graphics card still choppy graphics

ok so i got the blue screen of death couple weeks ago and I did a fresh install of Windows xp 64.
before the install all of my computer games worked with no issues, no lagging, nothing. All was fine, after installing everything and updating all my cards I have a terrible lag and choppy and slowness
here are my system specs....

windows xp 64 pro
bios: default system bios
proc: AMD athlon II x2 255 processor 3.16 ghz
video card: Geforce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a
memory: DDR 3 3840 GB RAM
Direct x 9.0c

I had an issue with my DDR3 memory slot so i switched to DDR2 but still have the same issues
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  1. Maybe you had older drivers for your graphics, the 7025 might have issues with newer drivers.
  2. What gfx card/s were you using before? Did you alter anything else - e.g. different drivers? new software?
  3. no nothing else was altered- same software as before. is there a way to wipe out the new drivers for my graphics card and install old ones?
  4. Yes go to device manager uninstall the current ones, download and install older ones from nvidia.
  5. ok so go to device manager - display adapters-uninstall? restart computer?
  6. ok im going to use control panel first - if that doesn't work then ill use driver cleaner pro and wipe it out completely
  7. now with my video card uninstalled - which old NVIDIA driver should i update it with?
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