Where to get cheap DDR/How much does brand matter?

I'm looking into getting 256MB of it for my Athlon 1600 XP. If you could give me some sites I'd really appreciate it.
On pricewatch I found Micron 256mb 2100 for $50+shipping.
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  1. Micron is very good RAM. Crucial.com supply micron RAM, so pop in to their site to see if its cheaper there. Make sure its CAS 2 or CAS 2.5 if possible.

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  2. I also recommend Crucial. Their prices might be a tad higher than generic RAM out there, but the performance and reliability is definitely worth it.

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  3. I also recommend Crucial

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  4. I used crucial pc133 ram in my last machine and was quite happy with them. Very good deal when buying from their web site. When I upgraded to DDR, i wanted a good brand a little cheaper as well. I ended up buying OCZ Technology PC2400 DDR CAS2. At the time I was able to get a 256MB stick for $49.99, which was cheaper than crucials PC2100 CAS2.5 at the time. I have been quite happy with it, and other's have said good things about OCZ.

    I bought mine from...


    I think the prices have went up since then though, just like all other sites.

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