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Hello everyone, i just mounted a new custom pc and when i turn it on nothing appears on screen, i have swapped graphic cards, switched mtb battery and tried the monitor with another pc, and the pc doesn't turn off i keep pressing the switch on/off, if anyone could help i would be very grateful.

Motherboard: ga-970a-ds3
Graphic card:Saphire radeon 7850 hd 2g OC
Power: Corsair CX500 80 PLUS Bronze
CPU: Amd fx-6100 be
ram: Viper 3 Series 2 x 4 GB DDR3-1600 patriot
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  1. Have you checked the power-outlet with another device?

    Does the PSU have a power switch?

    Does the PSU have a fuse?

    Have you double-checked the connection to the power button?

    Have you tried switching on the machine by manually bridging the power-button connector on the mainboard? Maybe the cases power button is busted somehow.
  2. i don't have another device



    whats that? I am not English i cant understand.
  3. Another device = like a lamp or a radio.

    And this is the connector I mean:

    do you have it set up as specified in the mainboard's manual? And if you do, try to unplug it again and bridge the two pins with a screwdriver to switch the computer on

    ... carefully please. You can't harm your computer by touching the adjacent pins, but you do not want to slip and smash your screwdriver on the PCB.
  4. you said it turns on but doesn't turn off? make sure that you have the 8 pin power along with the 24 pin cable connected to the motherboard. you can try testing the psu.
  5. Work though this troubleshooting guide:

    Then get back with the results
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