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I have decided to go to water cooling. I want to cool my CPU (Pheomon II X4 BE) and both of my graphics cards (XFX Radeon HD 6870) using the Zalman Z9 Plus case. I looked at a lot of prebuilt things like the Corsair H100 and H80 for my CPU and the arctic cooling accelero hybrid fluid dynamic vga cooler for my gpu, but they just stack up to too much. I was wondering if I could make a loop for about $300 ($400 max but the closer to 300 the better.) Kits are fine, I just want colored tubing.
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  1. This comes close to your budget. Keep in mind to get a setup with two full cover gpu blocks you're probably looking at closer to the 500-600 dollar range.

    Two of these for the gpu's:
    54.99 each

    This kit for cpu, res, pump, fans, and one rad:

    One more rad:

    You still need the tubing you want and some more fittings which should put you around $350 to $375 in cost.
  2. First of all, wrong forum, you want the water-cooling forum.
    And before you post there you will want to read this, as it will be the first thing asked of you.

    And I agree with Mlc, what your after will cost a bit more than $300 if you want to do it properly. I also question whether its even worth water-cooling those graphics cards. No point adding $50 blocks to them when they are already outdated.
  3. +1 to reading the sticky thoroughly, that's where I started not to long ago. Lot's of excellent information can be found in the sticky.

    Manofchalk is right about the cards too, may be a better idea to sell off those old cards for a single card which is at least as fast and a full cover block for it.
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