GTX 660 Ti

What do you think about the ASUS NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 660 Ti?
Do you recommend it?

Please reply, thank you.
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  1. is it based on reference cooler or asus own DC II cooler? performance wise it should be good for 1080p and below.
  2. Yeah it's a capable card, though only slightly faster than the GTX660 - probably not worth the extra cost. Not a bad buy though.
  3. ASUS NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 660 Ti is with directcu2.
  4. Looks great to me. If the price was right, I would have bought it.
  5. That's a good card. I say go for it.
  6. Its a great card but if you want a bit more power go with the 670. Its a good card.
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