Gigabyte Mobo and graphics card issues please help

Hello Everyone,

I have recently upgraded my motherboard to the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H and I am running across issues when dealing with the graphics card. The CURRENT graphics card I have is the GeForce GTX 465. When I plug/power up the computer while the video card is in I get no detection from the monitor and it will not turn on. I thought it may have to deal with not having drivers on it yet. However when I download the drivers from Nvidia I am getting the compatibility error.

So I have decided that I would look into getting a new graphics card as I figured this is card is too old for the mobo. The one I am looking at is the GeForce GTX 670, but my worry is that I will come across the same issues.

Any advise on how to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated....
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  1. You are plugging the monitor into the card not the motherboard and power to the card from the PSU?
  2. I tried both at the time and the same result.
  3. Did you disable the onboard video? You should do that in the BIOS. There may be a conflict. Also, if it isn't set, set the first vga to PCIe in there too. And make sure you plug into the card and not the motherboard.
  4. If you haven't solved this::

    I've had this issue as well as some other issues with Gigabyte boards. Does your monitor turn on when pressed UNTIL you should reach the windows loading screen? or just not at all.

    Also, run it in safe mode and reply if it works.
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