BSOD's with my new build

Hell guys, Im having some BSOD issues with my new PC that i built. I get the 0x0000001a (0x0000000000041790, 0xfffffa8002083920, 0x000000000000ffff, 0x0000000000000000) error code which is to do with memory. I RMA'd my last set of memory and im using a stick that i know is good from a PC that i built for my brother. Here is the build

ASrock Extreme 3 Z77 mobo
MSI 7870 Hawk
Samsung 840 SSD
WD Blue 1tb hdd
OCZ 600w 80+ psu
4gb g.skill DDR 1333(til my new set comes in)

i get this bsods at random times usually in the middle of the night or whenever i leave the house or during gaming sometimes(league of legends). It is really frustrating me since im hoping its not the mobo or the CPU. Any help is appreciated. thanks in advance guys
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  1. make sure your running the newest bios. the z77 mb have a lot of patches for ram and windows 8. also in your bios make sure you have dram xmp profile turned on.
  2. If you have Win 8 then you may have a problem with windows update

    If its an older OS the most likely cause is the RAM not handling the speed change as the processor drops to its idle speed
  3. Im usin windows 7 ultimate
  4. then try a fraction more voltage on the RAM and see if that stabilizes it
  5. ok, hopefully the new ram fixes it tomorrow when it comes in, i think my mobo is bad though. whenever i add voltage to the CPU i cant even load into windows. so as far as i can get with an OC is 4.2 with no added voltage
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