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My grandad has a 6 year old computer and is in desperate need of replacement. This is what I came up with:

He uses his computer for browsing the internet, reading articles, watch the ocasional video and photo/video storage + some very slight editing.
I know it might be a some what of an overkill but he wanted his computer to be really fast at booting and executing programs and he gave me a budget of 600 dollars.
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  1. There are 128 gig SSD's available for around the $80 mark . Not as fast but still much faster than a mechanical drive .

    The case is a an excellent gamer case , but does your grandfather really want blue LED fans ?
    I would by a quality but quieter case
    But another option is to take all the fans out of the 300 . The cooling is good enough for a computer like this even without them
  2. I would drop the HDD and get a 256GB SSD. I wouldn't want to explain how to maintain that storage setup to my grandparents and I bet as soon as I walk out the door it will be all wrong.
    Given his usage he could easily live with 256GB of total storage.

    Agree on the case, might want something a bit more subtle.
    Something like this would be good.
  3. Thank you for the response ! You were right about the HDD and the case and I made some other adjustments. Here is what I came up with
  4. Thank you for your response. I went for a hybrid drive, I think this would be optimal for someone who is not familiar with the different types of memory storage. My grandfather actually liked the case, grandmother didn't ;-).

    This is what I came up with :
  5. Hah, you think spammers would make sure there link isnt 404 before they post them.
    This ones particularly bad, missing the "l" on the end of .html

    The build looks good, though that case looks low quality and very generic to me.
    Heres a couple more cases that I think would suit.
    Or if you adventurous, blue LED fan and a side panel window. Gettin Extreme on this build!
  6. I would not take out fans out of the case you need some sort of airflow
  7. Yeah you think even spammers would be able to complete a simple task like copy pasting.

    Thanks for the help, I agree on the looks of the case. Personally I didn't like it, but it got good reviews on pcpartpicker. I like the look of the BitFenix Merc Beta Black Steel / Plastic ATX Mid Tower, think I'll go with that.
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