Gtx260 to hd7870 vga upgrade

Hello, im looking to upgrade my vga from a gtx 260 to a hd7870. Im wondering if this would still be compatible with my current rig. If so, how much will it be bottlenecked? If not, is there a compatible card in the current gen that can at least be considered a worthy upgrade without a significant bottleneck?

MB: Asus p5ql-se
cpu: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33Ghz

Thanks! :)
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  1. It will work but your quad is slow. Have you considered overclock? It will keep up at 3GHz.
  2. Yes, but then ill have to buy an aftermarket cooler for that, right? But what if i dont oc? Can you suggest a more suitable card that is worth an upgrade?
  3. You are right with the aftermarket cooler but really for a noticeable GPU upgrade then GTX560ti to HD7850 range would be what I would shoot for but still the CPU is the issue.
  4. Yeah, you will need to OC to relieve the bottle neck from the cpu. I also suggest the 7850 as its probably the best value on the market.
  5. This deal right here is good if you haven't got ur hd 7870 yet.

    Yea, cpu bottleneck incoming
  6. Thanks for the advice. As for the oc, i will be doing it at a later time. Im new to overclocking so i need to do a little homework. As for now i really need a replacement card for my rig, and i think ill go for the 7850.
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