Computer wont turn on

after removing the video card and one stick of ram then putting them back in the computer wont turn on at all ive unplugged and replugged nothing is working
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  1. Did you go back and reseat all ram sticks? I'm just double-checking to make sure what you meant exactly by "unplugged and replugged nothing..."
  2. yes i have after unplugging 24 pin connector and replugging it in i get a very faint high pitched noise when pressing the power button but it still wont turn on no fans spin or anything
  3. if you have more than one stick of ram in the computer, try booting up with only one of them in at a time.
  4. still nothing TT^TT
  5. do you know how to reset the cmos?
  6. yes i do
  7. ok after doing so im still recieving just the faint pitch noise i still cant boot up
  8. does the system have on-board video to test without the pci card?
  9. if so, remove the PCI video card from the slot and try booting up to the on-board video card.
  10. If that does not work, remove any other devices hooked up the computer.
    A bad keyboard will also sometimes prevent the system from booting.
  11. if you tried all of those things that I've mentioned then it is time to bread board it on a countertop outside of the case on cardboard, non static area to rule out the computer case being the problem.
  12. a computer case can cause a short and cause the computer to not power-on. The way to test this is by removing the motherboard (with ram and CPU, and cpu fan attached), power supply, and hard drive out of the case so that none of those parts are connected to the computer case in any way at all. You don't need the dvd/cd-rom drive.
  13. im not gonna be allowed to do that :T
  14. is there anything else i can do????
  15. Check all connections from the computer case itself to see if you disconnected any.
    Other than that, bread-board it.
  16. no everything is connnected
  17. reseat the processor.

    Other than that, you'll have to trouble-shoot it the only other way, by bread-boarding it.
  18. im not sure how to remove the proccesor my problem is not that it wont boot up but i have now power in my system
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    It doesn't matter; The same trouble-shooting steps are needed as mentioned.

    I suggest that if you don't want to try the steps that I've mentioned, that you take it to a computer store to try and trouble-shoot and fix.
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