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Graphics card for 1280x1024

hi im getting hd 6950 1gb is tht good for tht res or should good for hd 6850
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  1. well i was thinking tht because i could get the hd 6950 for 125 dollars
  2. that is overkill go with the 6850 it's cheaper
  3. way overkill. try more like a 7770.
  4. i have a 600 w psu
  5. the 6950 uses way more power, so make sure your power supply is good. i would still go for the 7770 for its lower power usage.
  6. A HD 7850 can be had for $175, which is substantially cheaper than the 6950, almost on par price with the HD 6850.

    It performs BETTER than the HD 6950, has 2GB of VRAM and consumes less power.
    Plus you get a free copy of Farcry 3 when it is released :)
  7. sry i live in australia
  8. your build link shows you run a 550ti, why are you changing that for such a low res?
  9. oh opps i have a i3 2120 4gb ddr3 ram and 600 w psu
  10. get 2GB
  11. do you plan on getting a better monitor soon? if not i wouldn't get anything stronger than the 7770.

    if you do plan on going to a higher resolution, the 7850 would be a nice choice.
  12. nah i dont plan of doing tht so a hd 6850 or hd 7770
  13. 7770. getting better and better with newer drivers.
  14. ok hey i asking will mafia 2 bottleneck my cpu with a hd 7770
  15. nope, you should be fine.
  16. ok thanks
  17. and battlefiled 3 will tht be ok
  18. ok thanks for ur help
  19. at that resolution, you should be able to run whatever you like. if you decide to go 1080p or higher with ultra settings, then you'll start having issues.
  20. no problem, good luck!
  21. actually sry to be a pain would a hd 6870 be overkill for my res
  22. yes, and now you are going backwards, stick with a 7xxx series. if u want a stronger card than the 7770, get the 7850.
  23. I have gtx 560 TI oced with profile 5 @ 975 / 2280

    And i can max out ANY game EXCEPT bf3 when on ultra i get 40+ sometimes even 35.

    Just saying :)
  24. i was going for the hd 7850
  25. i seen a gtx 560ti on for 150 dollars
  26. Yeah that's really good. Get the Asus / Sapphire version.

    Just 1 Q . Budget ?
  27. That's good but its an old gen card and draws 197W that mean's higher bill.
  28. so just for a hd 7850 for 199 dollars
  29. Yes .HD 7850 is faster in every game. Uses half the power. HD 7850 is also faster in compute using OpenCL.

    So that will do all the job u need.

    P.S A personal advice.

    The best visual upgrade u can do is upgradin to 1080P.I will do it soon and than SLI my card :)
  30. yea what plan to do is gettin the hd 7850 then for chirstmas i will get a new monitor
  31. Oh. Maybe you can do the opposite.

    First up ur monitor. And for christams get a GPU smth like Hd 7950/70

    Gtx 670/80
  32. well i dont have a gpu since i just upgraded form amd and i just changed my cpu and motherboard
  33. Ah :) u can do that sacrifice. I did it too :)
  34. Hey skitz, just wanted to add that my build with a HD 7770 maxes out every game I throw at it at a resolution of 1600x900.
  35. might just the hd 7770
  36. I said that i strugle at BF3 Edit : And prototype 2 too . AND gtx 560 ti at stock 893/1989 Mhz is 42% more powerful than Hd 7770

    So mine is DS SC already higly clocked .
  37. Best answer

    BF3 running at your resolution with a bad video card, it still runs it at high. I would say your processor is important for BF3.

    3570k and HD 7770 = Ultra at 1920x1080
  38. Forgot that part. Anw 7850 would be better. That's no doubt even with my CPU even with another CPU
  39. and i allready know it be able to run games really good i have been looking at benchmarks for games at my res
  40. Yes so go for 7850. :)
  41. No Problem ;)
  42. sry for being a pain the ass i just wanted a good gpu for games and i will be getting the hd 7850 thanks guys
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