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I have an asus u46e-ral6.
The graphics card on this laptop is Intel(R) HD 3000

Bottom line is I play a lot of games, and recently I cannot play a lot of games because fps drops when fights occur. Games like dragons nest and starcraft 2 have problems. League of Legends was always fine but lately has been a bit laggy in teamfights. So I was wondering could I add a graphics card to this laptop? If so what graphics card would be the best. I am worried about gaming possibility as well as price.

Questions I have

How do I find the info on my current card to know what to replace it with

What card do you guys recommend

Early Thank You guys!
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  1. Check whether your Laptop has Mobile PCI Express Module (MXM).
    If it is present, then Voila, you can upgrade your graphics.
    Otherwise, not possible.
  2. thats not a gaming laptop, so dont expect to find an MXM slot inside.
  3. How would I be able to check
  4. Yeah it doesn't have upgradable graphics you're stuck with what you have ill you buy a new system.
  5. Dam.. Ok thanks guys. btw how did you figure that out? So when I buy a laptop in the future for gaming I can find out what to buy. And my friend wants to do the same thing but he is at work so if you could tell me how you found out so I could help him i'd appreciate it.
  6. I looked at the specs and a pic, MXM not in the specs and that laptop is way to thing to support the cooler on an MXM graphics card.
  7. try 560ti
  8. glenn ardi said:
    try 560ti

    try reading the posts before posting.
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