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I have an ATI Radeon 5570 1gb DDR3 graphics card. im under the impression that because it doesnt have 2 dvi-i/ 1 dvi+vga output that i cant use dual monitors. Ive read about the splitter, and how it just mirrors the image. Another thing ive read is most have a vga output aswell as a dvi, but mine only has dvi-i, hdmi, and displayport on it.
Bottom line:is there any way to EXTEND (different image) onto 2 moniters?
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    you need an adapter, either hdmi to dvi, or displayport to dvi.
  2. so i can get a displayport cable + adapter to dvi +dvi cable and plug that into my montor
  3. ok thanks and this for sure wont give me a mirror image?
  4. well i would assume your monitor came with a dvi cable, so you would just need an adapter.
  5. thanks so much i thought i read somewhere about that but i could not find it thanks alot
  6. that card supports eyefinity, so you can do up to 3 monitors. (not mirrored)
  7. no problem, good luck!
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