Asus GTX 580 (ex display)

Hey guys

I've recently bought a new (ex display) Asus GTX 580, connected it all up, the two lights on the back are lit up.

However when I powered up my system the fans on the card aren't working, my pc makes like an alarm sound and the screen is just black.

I am doing something wrong or is the graphics card faulty?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Graphics card could be faulty. Are the power connections properly connected.
  2. Yeah its properly connected I think. The two green lights are lit up behind the power connections.

    I've got a Corsair 750tx v2 PSU so it has the proper 8 pin connectors (6pin + the extra 2)
  3. OK make sure its snug in the PI-e slot
  4. Just tried it again in the slot, no difference. Looks like its faulty. Just wanted to make sure there wasn't something I wasn't doing before asking for a refund.

    Thanks for the help bud
  5. No problem but before you take it back just try a few other things. Try a different slot on your motherboard if you can. Also try different display combinations. What kind of post beep/code were you hearing
  6. have just tried the next pci-e slot, same result. The beep is one long followed by 3 short beeps. I've tried my old card again and that works fine
  7. Ok. now go find your motherboards manual or download a copy online. and find the beep codes chart. What motherboard do you have?
  8. Asus P8P67 EVO
  9. Ok from what the manual says its one continuous beep followed by 3 short means there is "No VGA detected". Which means.... no graphics card detected. So, either you can RMA that card. or return it and get a new card. Now i doub't your gonna find a 580 in store now that 600 series is out. So a 670 may be what you replace it with. Which is still a better card than the 580
  10. Thanks for finding that out bud, the card is defo faulty then. I will have a look into getting a 670 or 680 if I can get a cheap one. Thanks again
  11. No problem. If you ever need Display or Graphics card help. Just shoot me a PM. happy to help!
  12. just to let you know, I got the 670 a while ago and its awesome. Far Cry 3 on ultra, I'm getting a steady 60fps. Thanks again for advise
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