I Need Help With My Build :(

Hello, i am currently having a problem with my build, i connect all the cables in the right place (well i think i am) but when i put the psu connector in my motherboard, the power LED turns green (meaning it has power) but when i try click the power switch nothing happens :( im not sure what the problem is... (this is my first build/first time building a pc myself).


CPU: AMD FX 4100 3.60 Ghz
Motherboard: Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 (Socket AM3+, uATX)
HDD: 500GB
GPU: Geforce GTX 650 Ti 2GB
Case: CiT Vantage Midi Mesh Gaming Case with HD Audio, 4 Fans, Card Reader
PSU: Cooler Master GX-Lite 600w

Shouldnt these part work together or is there something im missing in my build in order for it to turn On/work ?

A reply will be much appreciated! Thanks! :)
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  2. Follow this guide, it will cover most of the possible issues that could prevent you from getting to POST.
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